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Wednesday 24th February

Welcome to Wednesday’s home learning.


We Have a Zoom Session this afternoon.


This will be another Guided Reading Session.


It is at 1.30 today.


Meeting ID: 948 1135 3083

Passcode: nk2SE5



Remember you can send me your work by emailing



Mental Arithmetic


Have a go at today’s mental arithmetic. There are 14 questions. It should not take longer than 30 minutes. When you have finished, use the answer sheet to mark your own. From this week the answers are now on the back page of the sheets.

PE – Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks continues his daily exercise routines. Today either spend 20 minutes doing his latest workout or go onto the getset4PE and choose a couple of activities.



Let’s Explore the words!


Go back through the text and underline any words you don’t know the meaning of.


We’re going to investigate some of the words from the text.


7 are done for you.


  • Which other words have you underlined?


  • Which of the 2 pictures represent the word above them?



There are 4 sentences. Copy the sentence and include the correct word from the original list.


There are now 3 words that you haven’t used. Now think up a sentence to include these words.




Start todays lesson with five in five

Perimeter of rectangles

Begin by watching the video link:

Aut5.11.3 - Perimeter of rectangles

This is "Aut5.11.3 - Perimeter of rectangles" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer all of the questions up to and including question 5.

If you have managed to complete all the questions have a go at todays challenge. There are only 6 questions but this time so of the measurements involve fractions.


Today’s activity is based on the terminology we use in Punctuation and Grammar.


Remember I give a house point to anyone who scores 90% or above.


Guided Reading


Please make sure you have your copy of – The Boy at the Back of the Class and login to our Guided Reading Zoom session.


1.30 pm.


Zoom details at the top of the page.


We will be reading chapter 7.



Page 1 – Objective and Success Criteria


Page 2 – What is a database?


Page 3 – Creating records for a database


Page 4 – How quickly can you order and sort your records


Page 5 – Use your records to answer questions


Page 6 – You may know the answers to most of these.


What is a field?  For databases this is one single piece of information.

So our cards have 5 fields. (This includes the animals name)


Page 7 – How confident are you?





On the main class page is a link to picture news. Click on the Picture News - newspaper and have a read.


Have a look at the other sections.


When you are ready click on the one that says Learning From Home. There are 6 ideas – choose 3 of them to have a go at. You can choose from:


  • Sharm El-Sheik is a popular holiday destination. If possible, look at some holiday brochures. We can usually find some online.  Can you find details about the location, weather, hotels, activities and price?
  • Create a word wall of amazing vocabulary linked to this week’s image.
  • Not all walls are physical. Can you think of any examples? Have you ever heard someone say they’ve hit the wall during a run?
  • A mural is a painting or piece of art applied directly onto a wall. Design a mural for a wall at school or for a wall in your bedroom!
  • Read and research famous walls built in the past.
  • The walls in our homes are positioned to separate the different rooms. The distance all the way around the edge of one of your rooms is called the perimeter. Measure the perimeter of one of your rooms.


The learning at home page has more details for each task.