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Wednesday 24th February



We start the day waking your brains up with Times Tables Rock Stars as usual.


9am Joe Wicks PE


You know you love it!  Well, Mrs Dolman does anyway!



We start today's maths lesson with your Personal Targets books.  I am hoping that lots of you will be ready to move up a Level when we return to school.  You may do extra tests if you wish in your Personal Targets books.


Then we continue with revision of topics already covered, using our Maths SATs Question Books.


P57, 58 and 59  Time and Money


Finally it's Wednesday, so it is Ninja Maths day!   Week 4 Day 2 from your Ninja Maths booklets and answers are below.

Whole Class Guided Reading Zoom 10am


We will be having guided reading of Secrets of a Sun King over Zoom today at 10am.  You will need your brand new copy of the book Secrets of a Sun King and be able to read clearly into a microphone.  We wil start at p72 and my aim is to hear everyone read today in pairs.


Topic: Year 6 guided reading lesson
Time: Feb 24th, 2021 10:00 AM London

Meeting ID: 816 5741 6106
Passcode: m1z9ry



Re-read pages 61-68 from chapter 6 of The Sun King.  You are going to write a diary entry for Lil in which she tells what has happened that day at Tulip's house.  


Start by picking 4 things out from pages 61-68 that Lil might write about in her diary when she got home.  You could choose from:-


  • finding out about Tulip's brother Alex
  • learning about the canopic jar from Oz
  • Confessing that Lil has read the translation of the scroll
  • The plan that Lil and Tulip come up with
  • How Lil feels about the plan


Your diary should cover about 3/4 of a page in an English book and should be informal in style (but correct spellings!).  You could start with,


Dear diary,   


Today has been the strangest day .....



I have set 3 separate 10 mark assignments for you.

Science - Heartbeaters experiment


Rather than doing Computing, which is hard to do when we are learning remotely I would like you to conduct an experiment on yourselves today.  We are going to record the effect of different exercises on your heart rate.