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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Wednesday 29th April

Lots of lovely work going on here. You've made a lovely life cycle picture - well done. Those gingerbread man look very tasty. You have decorated them carefully, I hope you got to eat them and they didn't run away like the one in our story!! Well done both of you I can see you are working really hard - keep it up!
You've made a super life cycle picture. Did you like watching the little chick hatch? Those cakes look delicious what a good baker you are.
 Well done for trying  so hard with your writing and persevering to finish it. That is so good  to hear what a wonderful girl you are I am very proud of you. I am glad you liked the bottle game.
 We are going to need your skills when we finally get back to school to help us sort out our garden!! You are so helpful for your Mummy. You have done a wonderful job of labelling your flower you made - well done. I am really impressed with your numbers and the unicorn has been coloured so carefully it really is beautiful - well done. Have you put it up somewhere special?
 Goodness me you have been busy, look at all the wonderful mathematics you have been practising at home  and your writing looks good too. I have these birds in my garden too, can you remember what they are called? They are house sparrows and they have definitely made themselves at home with me because they ahve a built a nest just under the roof  and I can see them flying in and out and hear them cheeping very loudly while I am doing my school work.
 You have written and drawn the Ten Seeds story and look at all the mathematics on it too what a great job. Did you enjoy watching the little chick hatch? I like your lifecycle a lot - super work again.
 You told me about the caterpillars you are watching grow and they are certainly getting bigger now thank you for letting us see them. You are such a good gardener, look at all those tomato plants and your strawberry plant is getting bigger and bigger I wonder when the strawberries will be ready to pick.