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Wednesday 3rd Feb

Welcome to Wednesday’s home learning.


We Have a Zoom Session this afternoon.


This will be our first Zoom Guided Reading Session.


It is at 1.30 today.


Meeting ID: 998 2015 5704

Passcode: SpS6AC


Remember you can send me your work by emailing



Mental Arithmetic


Have a go at today’s mental arithmetic. There are 14 questions. It should not take longer than 30 minutes. When you have finished, use the answer sheet to mark your own. From this week the answers are now on the back page of the sheets.

PE – Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks continues his daily exercise routines. Today either spend 20 minutes doing his latest workout or go onto the getset4PE and choose a couple of activities.



Creating a mood with a sentence of 3 (b)


This is almost the same activity as yesterday, but today we are thinking about inside.


The author has tried to include three things so that it builds up description. Look at the examples and use these to magpie for inspiration.


Now it is your turn write about inside. Your task is to complete 3 sentences – each sentence with three parts to it. Hint – the weather does not have to be the same in each sentence.


Here is my go:


Inside, the TV was flashing, hands whirred across a joypad and a black cat prowled over its territory.


The second activity today is:


Writing Speech Effectively


Look at the five golden rules for writing speech.


The cartoon speech does not have to be written in a sentence, just in a speech bubble.


If you want to create a short cartoon that is up to you.


Your task is to create a short dialogue between two characters – making sure it is punctuated correctly.


Each character should have at least 5 things to say.


When you have finished check the 5 golden rules and make any corrections.





Start todays lesson with five in five.

Please make sure that you attempt up to question 5.


No videos today, but I don’t think you’ll need them.


Question 1 – Almost the same as yesterday. On the left hand side its repeated addition and this is then the same as a multiplication with the same number of repeated additions.


For q1a) the numerator is 2. So you times the whole number 3 by the numerator which is 2. The denominator doesn’t change. Repeat for question 1b, 1c and 1d.


Question 2 – This time we just focus on the multiplication.


Again multiply the whole number (the integer) with the numerator and the denominator doesn’t change.


Question 3 – Alex hasn’t listened to my advice, what should the answer be and what has she done wrong?


Question 4 – The question is 4 x 2/5. I’m sure you can now do the rest.


Question 5 – Please do exactly the same, however this time your multiplication will result in an improper fraction in that your numerator will be more than the denominator.

So Q5a) will be 3 x ¾ = 9/4.    The fraction is split into quarters (4s). So we now need to think what would a whole look like (4/4). Now think about how many 4s go into 9 = 2 remainder 1.


So we have 2 wholes and 1 part of the quarters – so our answer is 2 1/4 .


Now try 5b and 5c.



If you feel confident then you can attempt questions 6 and 7.


When you have finished you can mark it.

If you have managed to complete all of the questions and you did not finish the extension from yesterday – complete those.


Today’s activity is based on direct speech punctuation.


Take your time and try and score 100%, take your time – remember I give house points if you get 90% or 100%.



Guided Reading


Please make sure you have your copy of – The Boy at the Back of the Class and login to our Guided Reading Zoom session.






Stop Motion


You will need a device in order to complete todays task. It is your turn to become a movie producer. Find some toys – Lego is the easiest one to start with. Take a single photograph, then move the pieces slightly. This takes a lot of patience as the smaller amount you move the better the stop animation looks. For example in Wallace and Gromit, they take around 24 pictures for 1 second. I’m not suggesting you take that many.


Most phones, tablets have simple apps where you can then put your photographs together to make a short stop motion video.


If you can do this your video only needs to be about 20 – 30 seconds long.


Here is a video by Luca in year 6. It is about mindfulness, in it he uses the stop motion techniques I’d like you to try.

Stop Motion

Still image for this video

When you have finished I would love to see your work.




Most of us will now be aware that the Inspirational Captain Tom has sadly passed away. 


Picture News have added some information - take a moment to think about his legacy - what he achieved! At 99 he raised nearly 40 million pounds for the NHS. 


I speak for a nation when I say - Thank You Captain Tom.


On the main class page is a link to picture news. Click on the Picture News - newspaper and have a read.


Have a look at the other sections.


When you are ready click on the one that says Learning From Home. There are 6 ideas – choose 3 of them to have a go at. You can choose from:


  • Think about a time when you climbed up something. How did you feel as you climbed? How did you feel when you reached the top?
  • Read and research a mountain of your choice from anywhere in the world
  • Mountain maths! Look at the table on home resource 2 and answer the questions.
  • Find out where the following mountains are and locate them on a world map
  • There are mountains all over the world! Can you find out how they are formed?
  • Create a picture of a mountain or a mountain range.


The learning at home page has more details for each task.



Class Story




Chapter 13 is now uploaded and you can listen to it by clicking on the link in the Class novel page.



Mindfulness Activity