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Wednesday 3rd March

Welcome to Wednesday’s home learning.

We Have a Zoom Session this afternoon.


This will be another Guided Reading Session.


It is at 1.30 today.


Meeting ID: 999 7036 7622

Passcode: yfCfY2


Remember you can send me your work by emailing



Mental Arithmetic


Have a go at today’s mental arithmetic. There are 14 questions. It should not take longer than 30 minutes. When you have finished, use the answer sheet to mark your own. From this week the answers are now on the back page of the sheets.

PE – Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks continues his daily exercise routines. This is your penultimate session. Today either spend 20 minutes doing his latest workout or go onto the getset4PE and choose a couple of activities.




Are you ready to present your research and write your information text?


Then write it, read it and check it!


Each section should be a separate paragraph.


You may want to include sub-headings.


I’ve included the information on the Rhi-sawno-zeb-tah as you may want to magpie ideas or just look carefully as to how it is set out.


Again, this should be at least one side of A4, each paragraph should include more than one idea.


Set yourself 30 minutes in an environment that you can write with no interruptions. Aim to get it done in one go, but if you need a break half way, keep it down to less than 5 minutes so that you do not lose the flow of your writing.


When it is done, send it to me.





Start todays lesson with five in five.

Area of Compound Shapes 

Begin by watching the video link:

Aut5.12.3 - Area of compound shapes

This is "Aut5.12.3 - Area of compound shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer all of the questions up to and including question 5.

If you have managed to complete all the questions have a go at todays challenge. There are only 6 question.


Today’s activity is again based on the terminology we use in Punctuation and Grammar.


Remember I give a house point to anyone who scores 90% or above.


Guided Reading


Please make sure you have your copy of – The Boy at the Back of the Class and login to our Guided Reading Zoom session. This will be our final Zoom session.



Page 1 – Objective and Success Criteria


Page 2 – What is a database? Reminder from previous week


Page 3 – Navigating the mini-beast database


Page 4 – Sorting the mini-beast database


Can you answer the questions from looking at the slide?


If not click on this link:

Page 5 – Using different views to sort data


Click  on the following link:

Follow the instructions on this slide.


Page 6 – Records and Fields


Answer the 3 questions.


Page 7 – How confident are you?





On the main class page is a link to picture news. Click on the Picture News - newspaper and have a read.


Have a look at the other sections.


When you are ready click on the one that says Learning From Home. There are 6 ideas – choose 3 of them to have a go at. You can choose from:


  • Design your own packaging. What product will your packaging contain? What is the purpose of the packaging?
  • Find out how packaging has changed over time. Ask parents, grandparents or family friends what they remember about packaging.
  • If possible, get some of your favourite drink. What does it look like? Can you describe its smell?
  • Use some of your waste packaging to do some junk modelling!
  • Coca-Cola is a brand. Many brands use a logo which is recognisable. Look at some of the packaging in your home. Do you use any brands? Can you sketch their logos?
  • What shape is used to package Pringles, Toblerones, cereal? These are all 3D shapes. When we open out a 3D shape flat, we call this a net. Can you open out a cereal packet (cuboid) and look at its net?


The learning at home page has more details for each task.





Chapter 28 is now available to watch.