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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Wednesday 6th May

 I thought you would like the message from Mrs Peters  it was kind of her to write to you all wasn't it. I really like your zoo and all the signs you've made for it. I can see you have worked really hard, whata good idea to have spiders and dinosaurs!! Your mathematics is fantastic both of you, no wonder Mummy was so impressed with you.I love your rainbow ladybird stones, you can use those for number games now can't you.
More super ladybird doubles - well done Mummy tells me you did really well with these. I can see you are starting to plan for VE day and another bean sprouting. I think lots of them have sprouted this week, they didn't take long did they.
 I can see you have been playing really sensibly with your sister - well done. It looks like you had fun with the sand and I love your litlte butterfly picture.
What a lot of mathematics - well done for all this work. I love your painted ladybird doubles what a great idea to do it that way. I hear your bean has sprouted too.
What a fantastic  zoo, I think I would like to visit that zoo!! I can see you amde asign for it aswell as drawing some of the animals - well done.I love the little garden you made for your snail it mist ahve felt very safe in there and that is why it came out of it's shell. How sensibly you are holding it even though iyou said it felt a bit  slimy. It is wonderful to see all this home learning - well done girls. I am glad your brother enjoyed the zoo too, did he need a ticket to visit the zoo?
 Your Mummy has told me you  loved making your own zoo this morning,  and that it was so big it took up your whole bedroom! I can see that you  wrote a sign and a list of what you would find at your  zoo with arrows and  I hear you played zoo keepers for over an hour - what wondeful learning going on here, it is super to see you so involved in your play - well done!! Those are some super ladybird doubles and you have been super lucky because you found a ladybird in the paddling pool  and looked after it until it until its wings dried out and  then it flew off, I wonder where it went perhaps it was off on it's holiday!!Thank you for sharing this with me.
Wow! What wonderful maths. These ladybird doubles are super - well done.
How lovely to hear from you and your Daddy today.Your seeds are certainly growing well aren't they. Those ladybird stones are so carefully painted - well done they are terrific. You will be able to use them for maths games too won't you. Well done a super effort and thank you for getting in touch.