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Week beginning 01.02.2021

Friday 5th February

Good morning everyone!  Yesterday when I was looking at all your wonderful home learning my heart was bursting with pride, thank you so much for sharing it with me and  well done all of you.I loved the people you made yesterday  such good ideas and very creative. Here are your creations.

It is the last day of the school week today can you remember what that is? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today.What number is it today?  What do you know about this number? Do you know any parts that make this whole number? 

Let's have another active start to the morning. I think in school we will be trying another one of Andy's wild workouts - Mrs Peters and I love them.

I saw some super troll sentences yesterday. Do you remember how sometimes the story characters write to us in school well look what I have been sent – who do you think it is from? It is a bit muddy is that a clue? Have a look on tapestry to find out who it is from!!   



I think the troll  needs  you to help him out. He is fed up with being mean and grumpy. He is also rather lonely. I think he  would like to be friends with the three billy goats gruff but he isn’t sure what to do. I know that you can help him out. Can you think of some things he could do or say that might help him?

Can you draw me a picture to show me what the troll could  do ? If he is going to say something different instead of ‘well I am going to gobble you up’ can you tell me that too.


Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom have taught us this week? They have been very impressed with how hard you’ve worked this week. Use the video today to practise the new sounds and play a game to help you.  The game will need a bit of preparation by you and  your child. You will need a card with 12 spaces on it to write the 12 words for the game. The children should all be able to manage this but if it is too much then you can take it in turns to  write the words.There is also a link to another game you can play here too.

Phonics 05.02.2021


Today  I would  like you to use the white rose maths video on the link below to investigate more and less. There is a game for you to play too. This numicon number track will be helpful with finding the number that is 1 more or 1 less than a given number. I have also added  a PDF in case you would like to print out  the shpes to make your own number track.



Remember to do your reading and use all that learning from your phonics lessons.

Today is the afternoon we usually do music so why not log back into charanga again and try session 4 or 5 .

The username is Elmer followed by your child's initials ( in capital letters) e.g. ElmerSF

the password  is YearR.

The link below will take you to the log in page our package is Everyone. If you click on this it will take you to the lessons to work through. The children are familiar with this and I hope will enjoy being able to access this from home.


There is a story for you  to listen to on tapestry I hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely weekend  everyone and I will see you back here for more home learning fun on Monday, the last week before the half term break.


Thursday 4th January

Good morning everyone!  We really enjoyed seeing you all on our zoom call yesterday, we saw so much wonderful work that you had done at home – thank you. I hope you enjoyed the singing and the dancing too. Mrs Peters and I certainly did. I know you may feel sad when you see us and see your friends but I am certain it won’t be too long before we are able to be back together in school. You should feel  very proud of yourselves for how well you are managing this situation I know I am super proud of you all. There is a beautiful story to listen to today on tapestry all about feeling hopeful and being courageous even on days when things feel sad and a bit tough. Enjoy it!



We did one of Andy’ workouts yesterday and we loved it , if you haven't tried one yet use the link below to try one out.

Do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. I have heard on the weather forecast that it is going to be getting cold again over the weekend, we will have to keep our bird feeders full up for our feathered friends.

 Look at these wonderful trolls.

So today we are going to use our troll pictures to inspire our writing. Today I would like you to try very hard to write a sentence or maybe even two about your troll.You can also give him or her  a speech bubble if you want to.

Grown ups- I  would be expecting that the children try to think of a sentence and then have a go independently at writing this. I would not expect it all be spelt correctly but I would be looking for words spelt phonetically correctly ( how the word sounds) so for example the sentence might be

‘He is grumpy and mean’ I would expect them to spell the tricky word he and be able to sound out is and and  but they may well spell grumpy as grumpee and mean as meen and that is fine. They need to be trying to read their sentences back to you too. Your guidance will be in the choice of words for the sentence so try to guide them towards words they will be able to sound out and spell. The MOST important thing is that they have a go at the writing and that they try to do it independently too.


Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us yesterday? Well today we will be practising that sound, playing a game  and writing our sentence.

Phonics 04.02.2021


  Today I want you to use the spinning wheel from yesterday but in a different way please. If you have  pack of playing cards that would be really useful. If you have playing cards then please help your child to find the 5, 6, 7, 8 cards and lay them out Now spin the wheel ask your child to say the number pattern they can see on the wheel and find a playing card that says that number. If  you do not have playing cards then just make some cards with numbers  5,6, 7, 8 on them you will need at least two of each number.

  We  are going to investigate number 8 a bit more today. I wonder if you can find any groups of 8 around your house? You were so good at this with number 6.


 Keep up with your reading . I know you do not have the reading books from school at the moment but if you go to the following website

then you need to click on Free e-book library

from this page you will need to create a free account so that you can read the books online

 You could also use your Teach your monster to read games for reading practise too!!

If you have not popped over to Harold’s diary then today would be a good day to have a look as it is thinking of others Thursday.


There is an idea on the youtube video that  you can try as part of the ‘Express yourself’ theme this week for children’s mental health awareness week.

When children are able to find creative ways to share their feelings, thoughts or ideas it can help them feel good about themselves and who they are.

 Every day you send me emails and photos showing the ways your child has expressed themself and it can be through art, music, writing, dance, singing, sport, baking and  play.

Every day I know you are encouraging your child by noticing their unique interests and praising their efforts.  Try to help them begin to say how doing particular activities makes them feel. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get creative at home. Recyclable materials or older items you no longer have a use for can provide amazing inspiration, and of course there’s no limit to your imagination!  So let’s get imaginative together and I would like you to try and use all sorts of bits and bobs from around your home to make a person like the one I have created here. I have also added some other ideas that ohther children have made to inspire you. You could do it inside or outside.

The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activities ideas visit

Wednesday 3rd  February

Good morning everyone!  So you know that Mrs Peters and I will be so excited to see you all again today.  I know you  love our Wednesday zoom calls and  hopefully today will  work well for us again. So this morning we will be having another zoom call together at 10 am.

This week bring your dancing shoes and  beautiful singing voices. We will try to sing our Billy Goat Gruff songs together so you can show us your actions for the songs if you have any – don’t worry if you haven’t we can do them together!! Then we will do some dancing together , you know how much Mrs Peters and I love dancing. Singing  and dancing always make us feel happy and are also great for our mental health and well being.

As you know from last week over on Harold’s diary it is workout Wednesday  so I wonder what he will be up to today? Did anyone check in with him yesterday on try out Tuesday? I also know that Jo Wicks will be starting the day with one of his workouts if you want to try that out.Mrs Peters and I find it hard work!! It is also our PE day. So another  day to be really active, you can try another one of the activities from Get Set 4 PE and I have also added a link to some special ideas for this week  because as well as keeping our bodies fit and healthy it is also really important that  we  keep our minds healthy too.  You can also use the mindfulness breathing I put on tapestry yesterday for you too. I have also added some more videos on tapestry with some of our special mindfulness activities on - why not try another one today.

Remember you don’t have to do it all now you could do some this morning and some later today.

Do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. Do you know what today’s number is?  Can you make this number with parts? Do you know what double this number is?


Today we are going to be  thinking a bit more about the troll in our story this week. I would like you to look at this picture of  the troll and talk to your grown up about him. I want you to think about words which  tell us about (describe) him and  together write them down in your books. After that I would like to very carefully draw your own troll picture , think about the hair, the clothes and the colours you use. Tomorrow you will be using this picture for your writing job in the morning. So what words could you say about this troll? There is a video on tapestry to help you with this if you need it.


Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us on Monday? We have another new one to learn today so get ready to find out more.There’s even dancing in phonics today too!!

Phonics 03.02.2021



 Today I would like you to watch numberblocks 8. After that I would like you to use the link below to play  a maths game  I have made for you. You will need your tens frame again so that each time you spin the wheel you make that number on your tens frame. There is a video on tapestry  to show you what to do if needed.


Don’t forget your reading!!


Today we have picture news to look at again so here is the picture for this week and the document links are below.


Here is a  story all about a troll who just can’t find any goats but finds lots of bridges and some pirates!!

'The Troll' by Julia Donaldson & David Roberts ❤ Read by Karen Salter Poole ❤🦋✨

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone!  How are you all today?


 Do you know what day it is today? I wonder what weather we will have today. Do you know today’s number? I wonder if you know the number that is 1 more than today’s number or 1 less? What happens if you double today’s number?

We are going to start this morning by watching and listening to this week’s worship again  with Mrs Beaver. Remember how we sit and listen quietly and respectfully in school, make sure you do the same at home. If you have older brothers and sisters in school then they can watch this with you. Today we will be hearing a special story from the bible about Jesus when he was a baby. It  is about the occasion when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to 'present him' before God. Christians call this Candlemas and it is celebrated by Christians today on the 2nd February.
It might remind you of a christening or baptism which are Christian ceremonies welcoming babies into God’s family and often take place in churches. I wonder if any of you have ever been to a christening.

Please watch the worship video and then read the words below to help you with your discussion.

Candlemas Worship

Candlemas is celebrated on the 2nd February. It marks the occasion when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to 'present him' before God.

Simeon, an old man at the temple said, 'Jesus will be a bright light shining in the world.'
We looked at three different sources of light in our worship today: a torch, birthday candles and a night light. For Christians, Jesus is that light shining in the darkness.
The torch: He shows us the way.
Birthday Candles: The joy He brings
Night light: The comfort He brings.
I wonder what type of light you will be this week?
Will you help show someone the way? Will you encourage them to make wise choices?
Will you bring joy to others when you walk into a room?
Will you comfort someone who is sad or a little lonely?

Did you enjoy the story yesterday?  I expect lots of you know this story really well  so today I would like you to listen to it again and also watch the tapestry video of  the story map to help you retell this story. Then you can use my storymap to help you draw your own one.

After that I have something special for you to listen to. We have some three billy goat gruff songs which I think you are going to love, keep listening to them and before long you will know them all. I wonder if you make up some actions to help you learn the songs.

The three billy goats gruff 1


Do you remember the new sound we learnt yesterday?  Today we are going to practise using it again. You will need paper and something to write with today and if you made your flashcards yesterday they will be needed too.


Phonics 02.02.2021


 Did you enjoy numberblocks 7 yesterday? I wonder how you got on with the matching game? There is a maths activity for today on tapestry. You will need white paper or  card and your tens frame and a colouring pen too.


Don't forget your reading today!!

 I would  like you to try to build a bridge for the billy goats to trip trap over. Here’s some ideas for you.

Lots of you have told me how much you enjoyed the colour monster story yesterday. Please continue with that activity if it didn’t get finished yesterday.

I have also added a mindfulness activity to tapestry and there is a story for you to listen to as well - enjoy!!

Monday 1st February

Good morning everyone!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend. How did your birdwatch go? I think it was a bit wet for the birds but I saw 6 pigeons, 4 sparrows, 2 blue tits, 1 blackbird  and 1 robin. My  grown up son who lives in London saw this bird in his garden - it is a great spotted woodpecker.


Mrs Peters and I loved seeing all your delicious pizzas, you were mixing, chopping and  grating so sensibly.What wonderful chefs you all are and how kind and generous of your grown ups to give you the time and opportunity to do that!! Don’t they look delicious!!

It is the first day of the school week today can you remember what that is? It is also the first day of a new month, can you remember what month it is? That’s right it is February , the second month of the year, I wonder how many days it will have? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. Let’s get moving for the start of the day. I know that you can go to Jo Wicks youtube for his PE lesson or you might like to join in with this song  like we did last Monday to help us wake up and get  the day started or you might like to do another of Andy's wild workouts!!


Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

So this week we have another story to work with. Thank you to all the grown ups at home who are doing such a marvellous job of facilitating this learning. Children who have a good foundation of story language and structure will be able to tell their own stories and eventually as their writing skills develop be writing their own stories before you know it. I loved the little red hen stories they made up with new characters and new food. This week we will be working with a story which will be familiar to you and again we will be looking at the story structure and what the characters say to each other and like last week we will try to change elements of the story too. I have put the story on tapestry for the children to listen to.

After you have listened to it, talk about the characters and the setting of the story then I would like the children to draw the three  billy goats gruff. They might want to make puppets again and if so that is absolutely fine.


Have you got your flashcards to help you today if you need them?

Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom  taught us last week?  We have another new sound for today and all our tricky words are on the video too. You will also need paper and something to write with today.

Phonics 01.02.2021


Today we will be starting by watching  a numberblocks episode.  It is all about 7. After that I would like you to watch the film on tapestry to see how to play a maths game today. There is also an activity on Maths with parents. I can see that only  a few parents have signed into maths with parents so if you have time today please do this today – thank you.

1) Visit

2) Click on I’m a Parent, then the Parent Signup button   

3) Enter your details, then launch the site

4) Enter your child’s details and their 6-digit class code (once registered, you will not need this again!)  

Class: Elmer class

Class Code: 514004


I know how well you are all practising your reading so keep it up and you will continue to improve.

 This week it is Children’s mental health awareness week. 

The theme this year is express yourselfExpressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.

It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself.’

Watch the short video below with an introduction to the week from the Duchess of Cambridge.


Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - a message from our Royal Patron

Watch the Colour Monster story on tapestry to prompt a discussion about feelings. 

Learning about feelings  and emotions is part of developing positive self-esteem and better relationships with others and as a child’s emotional intelligence develops they are increasingly able to use their emotional information  to guide their own thinking and behaviour.

 Why not make your own colour monster and maybe some jars to add how you feel each day? This might not get finished today , you could add to it each day perhaps make a different monster each day or a different jar.

Below is also the link for more information for parents and carers.