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Week beginning 01.03.2021

Friday  5th March

Good morning everyone!   First of all thank you for joining our zoom call yesterday we loved seeing  all the story characters you were dressed up as and you showed me lots of new books I haven’t read too. Well here we are at the end of the week and 3 sleeps closer to the return to school. I am so proud of all  you have achieved all during this lockdown period but  I  truly cannot wait to see you all on Monday morning. I am so excited about having you all back in the classroom together  and  Mrs Peters and I  have been busy getting the classroom ready for you all.

So today will be our last day of home learning so as always do your best and work hard. I cannot thank all your wonderful adults enough for dealing with all that life has thrown at us recently  and for also doing such a wonderful job of home learning with you. WELL DONE to all of you and your amazing families.

Let's  get  active  again this morning  today is the last time we can do  PE with Jo Wicks so you might like to try that again and I have also added two of our favourites.

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance, dance, dance along with the Trolls to this awesome JT song!Create a free accou...

Did you enjoy our story about planet ZumZee? Today I would like you to listen to the story again then I would like you to pretend you are an alien going to tea on planet zumzee and think about what food  you would take with you. Will it be a flying jelly or a shining star biscuit ? can you draw the food  and write what it is. Remember the space rock cakes earlier this week perhaps you can bake those today too. I have added the recipe again below for you. 

Alien Tea On Planet Zum-Zee 👽 | Story Book Read Aloud For Kids

Alien Tea On Planet Zum-Zee by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees


I have been so impressed with your dedication to your phonics learning.Today I would like you to use the Phonics play website to play a flashcards game and after that I would like you to play either rocket rescue or space race. For these games try writing the words first before you type them into the game. We have been learning sounds in phase 3 but you can also use phase 2 too.





Use your number cards today to play this game.Turn all the cards face down and when you turn one over choose an action to complete so for example if you turn over 2 then you could choose to do 2 jumps. Why not make a list of actions first and then you will know which one to do each time.You could choose from jumps, hops,starjumps etc


Remember to do your reading and use all that learning from your phonics lessons.





Today is the afternoon we usually do music so why not log back into charanga again. We will be starting the unit called Our World and start with  session 1 .

The username is Elmer followed by your child's initials ( in capital letters) e.g. ElmerSF

the password  is YearR.

The link below will take you to the log in page our package is Everyone. If you click on this it will take you to the lessons to work through. The children are familiar with this and I hope will enjoy being able to access this from home.



Finally make sure you are ready for school on Monday. Have you got your uniform ready? Have you found your bookbag and all your reading books?

Make sure you have a really good sleep on Sunday night you will need lots of energy next week!!

Have a really lovely weekend and I look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday.

Thursday 4th January

Good morning everyone! 



We are getting closer to the end of the week now  so do you know what day  it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. What is today’s number? Do you know what is 1 more or 1 less than this number?

 We will be catching up with each other at 1.00pm on zoom, join us in your outfits and bring along your favourite book to show us too.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 919 4149 6999

Passcode: G13eUx


All through the day today you can go back to our class pages tab and listen to some of the grown ups in school reading books for you and you can try to work out who all our masked readers are .. I wonder if I am on there!!!   Have fun guessing - even I don't know who they all are.


You will need lots of books today for reading and to use for some of our activities.

Tricky Word Hunt 

This is a really easy activity to set up and should keep them occupied for a good while. A great way to prompt their recognition. Put out lots of different books not just children's books for your child to explore. You could also have magazines, leaflets or takeaways menus that they have to search for the tricky words in. Once they've spotted a word they tick the sheet. Your child can make their own spotter sheet so help them write down the tricky words they need to spot and then off they go.


                               Copyright Phonics Family 2020

Missing words

Using a favourite book stick some small bits of paper (post it notes or paper with blu tac) over some of the phonetically decodable words appropriate to your child's age and phase. As you read through the book your child can point to the missing word on the sheet or older children can write the missing word themselves. You could also make some blank speech bubbles so you can work together to write a speech bubble for some of the characters or again older children can write their own.


  Copyright Phonics Family 2020              


Copyright Phonics Family 2020

So keep your books out ready for this next job. This is a book scavenger hunt, on the picture below you can see lots of things that could be in a book. You will need to hunt through your books carefully to find each one!!



As we have been learning the alphabet in order why not try making your very own alphabet book. You need to write the letters and add drawings or cut out items for each page. It could be an animal alphabet book or a dinosaur alphabet book , what will you choose?



 You could make yourself a bookmark  to use in your favourite book or make one to give to someone as a gift.              




You might like to try making one these story puppet theatres and for this you can use the world book day video below for instructions and ideas or alternatively choose a favourite story  and make a story box like this one here.




You could make a mask of your favourite story character too.

Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning everyone!   Goodness me this week is whizzing by!! You will be back in school before you know it and we have World Book Day to look forward to tomorrow. You can dress up tomorrow in whatever you want to - I can’t wait to see what you outfit you choose!! We won’t be having our zoom call today because tomorrow we will have a special World Book day zoom call at 1.00 pm. You can bring along your favourite book to show us and we can of course see your wonderful outfits.

As you know from previous weeks over on Harold’s diary it is workout Wednesday  and this is the last week he will be writing his diary  so I wonder what he will be up to today? You could try starting the day with Jo Wicks  workouts if you would like to.  You could try this one too which I  borrowed from Year 2.

Clap It Out - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Sing, dance, and clap out all the syllables in this catchy song.Create a free account on now and find hundreds of ways to move! -- https://www....

Do you know what day of the week it is today?  What is today’s number ? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. I think it is going to be a bit chilly again today.

When the little boy was on the moon in our story he met a martian didn’t he. We've enjoyed talking about aliens at school so today I would like you to listen to a story today about a very exciting planet !! Would you like to go to tea on Planet ZumZee? There are so many different aliens in this book and today I would like you to draw one of the aliens from the book and  their space ship too.

Alien Tea On Planet Zum-Zee 👽 | Story Book Read Aloud For Kids

Alien Tea On Planet Zum-Zee by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees


You can recap some more of the digraphs we have learnt over the last few weeks today.

Phonics 03.03.2021

Here is another one of the reading activities we had before. Click on the link below to use the interactive version.



I would like you to use your 1-10 number cards for the game today. You need to tunr them all face down and then take it in turns to turn one over can you say the number and also say the number that is 1 more and 1 less than the number you’ve turned over.



Don’t forget your reading!!


As we’ve been looking at aliens today why not try this activity at home today.


They also had the most amazing tea party on planet zumzee so perhaps you could think about what you would have at space tea party or alien tea party , here's an idea to get you started!! Why not gather the ingredients together and do your baking on Friday.


The document is saved below for you.

Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning everyone!  How are you all today? Do you know what day it is today? I wonder what weather we will have today. Do you know today’s number, it is double yesterday’s number and it is 1 less than 3.  I forgot to ask you yesterday if you saw the beautiful moon at the weekend I have learnt that the full moon in February is called the snow moon!! Also I wanted to let you know that on Friday two of the astronauts from the ISS will be carrying out a  space walk  and we will be able to watch it so I will let you know more or you can go to their very interesting website and find out what is going on the space station each day.


If you would like to watch Mrs Beaver’s worship from yesterday then you can watch it below.

St David's Day 1st March

Good morning boys and girls.We are now in our Second Week of Lent and making our journey towards Easter. Today is a very special day for anyone who is Welsh ...

Can you remember the boy who flew to the moon yesterday? How do you think the boy was feeling when he landed on the moon? Can you use some feelings words to talk  about how he is feeling in these pictures from the book?



Now I would like you to draw the boy and the martian and give them speech bubbles like I have done

here what do you think they weer saying to each other?



Do you remember the new sounds we have  learnt  over the last few weeks? For the next few days we will look at these sounds again and remind ourselves of them all.

Firstly though listen to the alphabet song here and see if you can remember the names of all the letters.

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound.

Phonics 02.03.2021


Today there is an actiivity for you to do and you will need to watch the video on tapestry  for this. You will need a  partner, a tens frame each and ten small items each.


Don’t forget your reading today and use all those new sounds we have learnt.


Today we have our weekly picture news to discuss and all the links are below. Here is this week’s picture for you.

How about making an alien in a spaceship? Try these ideas here.






Monday 1st  March

Good morning everyone!   This time next week you will be popping on your school uniforms and getting ready to come to school. It’s exciting isn’t it and lovely to have that to look forward to. I hope you enjoyed the weekend with all that glorious sunshine wasn’t it lovely.I spent lots of time in my garden which was wonderful.

It is the first day of the school week today  and the start of another month, this is the third month of the year  and it is March. I am pretty sure by now you are experts on the days of the week so you will all know what day it is today.  Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today I hope we have another lovely sunny day.  

I think we will  need to get  moving for the start of the week. I know that you can go to Jo Wicks youtube for his PE lesson or do another one of Andy’s wild workouts  you might like to join in with this song  which really seems to help get us started on a Monday morning!!

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

So this week we have got World Book day to look forward to on Thursday  and instead of having our class zoom on Wednesday morning we will have a quick catch up together on Thursday so we can see any dressing up outfits we have on that day!! There will be more information about this but get ready to spend the day immersed in all things book related!!

This week we are going to start with another story. You can listen to it here.

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Once there was a boy who found himself stuck on the moon... and he was not alone.

I love this story we will be hearing more about this little boy’s adventures but today I would like you to draw and write about the little boy. So you might draw him in his plane, or you could draw him on the moon or saying hello to his new friend!

Write a super sentence to go with your picture too.



  Today we have one new sound to learn and then this week is also going to be a week for reminding ourselves about all the new  sounds we have learnt over the last weeks and to consolidate that learning. So first of all  today I would like you to go onto PhonicsPlay and play one of the flashcard games on there. Then check your tricky words and really focus on the ones you need more practise with, if you are super confident with all of them now then make sure you can read them too!!

Phonics Play log in details

username: jan21

password: home


Phonics 01.03.2021

Now use your sounds to read the sentences  in the document below and click on the correct one. Remember if you can read the word then just say it you only need to sound out the words when you don’t know them now.

Alongside this we are also going to focus on learning the names of the letters – the alphabet. This is part of this phase of learning  and children should be able to say the name and sound of each letter in the alphabet. I know many of the children know some letter name and can say the alphabet or parts of it but it will be good to  check this and practise it ready for next week. Please watch the Alphablocks below as they say the alphabet now can you write it out ? Use this to help you.



Today we will be looking at the numbers 1-10 follow the link below for today's learning. Building 9 and 10 week 2 session 1. 


This term our SCARF theme is a unit called Rights and Responsibilities it is about learning the skills to develop into responsible citizens. This includes

  • Beginning to understand how to look after money including saving and spending.
  • Responsibilities we have at home
  • Caring for the environment

These specially designed SCARF at home units contain activities similar to the ones we will be doing in school.



If you still have work to do on your planets posters then you can finish those today too.