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Week beginning 08.02.2021

Friday 12th February

Good morning everyone!  IT’S FRIDAY!!!! First of all today I want to say a huge well done to all of you for working so hard at home this half term. I have been so proud of all the work you have shown me  and how sensibly you have adapted to home school. You really are all marvellous children.I also need to say another huge thank you to all your incredible grown ups who have so generously given up their time, rearranged schedules and taken on the challenge of home schooling and are doing a truly magnificent job. Well done all of you!!

Next week it is half term so there won’t be any home learning on here from me but I will be back on Monday 22nd March with more exciting learning for us to do together.

I hope you do find time to relax and rest next week. I think it will be good to have a break  from the screen for a while!! Be kind to each other and look after each other too.

 I have also found this really interesting activity that you can do at home with your family and this is also a hint about our learning theme for next term!!

Use the link below to take part in a star count, we have until Sunday to complete this and some clear nights so stars should be easy to spot.


  Use the link below to sign up and find out more about this fascinating activity.

It is the last day of the school week today can you remember what that is? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. What number is it today?  What do you know about this number? Do you know any parts that make this whole number? 

Let's have another active start to the morning. I think in school we  might need to see what Jo Wicks is up to today!!

We have something exciting to look forward to this afternoon – disco fun!!

Here is the zoom link to join us this afternoon at 1.45 pm we can’t wait to see you all there.


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 I hope enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year. Did you like the story about how the years get their animal names. You can watch the story again here.

Story Time: "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" by Dawn Casey

This morning why not try drawing the river they raced over and either cut out the animals I have sent you in your pack ( which  may not have arrived yet!!) or draw the animals in the race. You could write numbers by each one showing what position they were in the race. This will help you with this.


Do you know what animal year you were born in? Have a look here and perhaps draw your animal.


  Look at how Happy New Year is written in chinese isn't interesting to see the way the writing is made, it is really quite beautiful. Why not try writing this with your paintbrush!!



Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom have taught us this week? They have been very impressed with how hard you’ve worked this week. Today I have given you an alphablocks video to watch with this week’s sounds in and you can use the tricky word game from yesterday to practise those words.  

#BacktoSchool - Alphablocks Level Three | Letter Teams - AR OR OI UR OW | FULL EPISODES

After that I have game  for you to make today which will use maths and reading. You will need to make a word track using some of the words from the list below. You can write these out together, then you need to make a word track with them. You will also need a dice or your number cards 1-6 as well as a soft toy, figure to show who is who in the game. Then take it in turns to roll the dice or choose a number card and then move your character that number of spaces and read your word when you land on it. You could also add in extra spaces that say things like go back 1 or go back 2 etc

Use the photos to help you with the words for the game. Try to use words that use all the new sounds you have learnt this term.


I have found a Chinese new year game to play. Use the link below to go to a game to put numbers in the correct order . Choose numbers 1-10 and you might need your number track to help you because each dragon has some numbers missing but you must put them in the correct order.


Remember to do your reading and use all that learning from your phonics lessons.

Today is the day we usually do music so why not log back into charanga again and try session 6.

The username is Elmer followed by your child's initials ( in capital letters) e.g. ElmerSF

the password  is YearR.

The link below will take you to the log in page our package is Everyone. If you click on this it will take you to the lessons to work through. The children are familiar with this and I hope will enjoy being able to access this from home.

Here are more Chinese New Year activities for you. Here are the instructions for lantern making and the dragon too ( resources in the pack I have sent you)



Instructions for the lantern:

Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut lines through the fold to about 1 ½ inches from the top of the paper at about 1 inch intervals. Cut a ½ inch piece off the end.

Cut a strip of about 2 inches off the width of the card. Glue strips of tissue paper along the uncut side.

Take the paper and glue it on top of the card along the top and the bottom, matching the edges. You will find that the middle of the paper sticks out.

You should be left with a ½ inch strip of card showing along one side. Glue along this strip and bend the lantern round into a cone shape. Staple to secure.

With the tissue paper hanging at the bottom, make two small holes in the top. Tie some thread through to hang the lantern.

Instructions for the dragon:

Cut out the head and tail.

Fold the paper to make the body as you can see in the picture, the children can all do this folding. Then stick on the head at one end and the tail at the other with sticks at the back.


Thursday 11th January

Good morning everyone!  We had another set of lovely conversations with some of you yesterday so thank you again to all those parents who gave up their time to speak to myself and Mrs Peters.

There are more meetings today and the zoom link is here if you have an appointment booked.

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We are getting close to the end of the week now  so do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. It was very, very cold last night. At school the ice in the garden isn’t melting at all. Have you got any ice in your garden? Why not have a cold and icy garden investigation to see if there is any, I know how much you like to hold it and smash it!!

Well done for your writing yesterday , in school we wrote about a jellyfish wobbling, a rhinoceros snorting, an owl hooting and a shark chasing!!  Today we are going to be doing some finding out about a special celebration that is happening tomorrow. Do you remember we learnt about other celebrations? That’s right we talked about Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas.These are celebrations that happen in places all around the world and are celebrated by people of different faiths and cultures. Tomorrow is a special day  for Chinese families around the world as it is Chinese New Year. This marks the first day of the lunar calendar which is dependent on the arrival of the new moon. So today is New year’s eve and we are going to find out more about how families prepare for this exciting event and also why each year is named after a different animal. Tomorrow we will be making things to help us with this celebration and I will explain more about that on tapestry.

Today I would like you to watch these cbeebies films in which you can see a little girl and her family prepare their home for Chinese New Year, cook special food and  enjoy some loud and exciting celebrations. While you are watching this talk about celebrations you have been part of and the similarities and differences. For example things like cleaning the home, putting up decorations, wearing special clothes and eating special food also happen when we celebrate Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Learning about other families , communities and traditions    is part of the area of learning focussed on knowledge and understanding of the world. The cbeebies films are a lovely way to introduce and talk about Chinese New Year. After you have watched the films I would like the children to draw about some of the things that Abbi does for this celebration, so they could draw her cleaning the house, wearing red clothes, making a lantern, decorating the house. You can write down what they can remember and tell you about it all.

There is also a short film showing the story of the 12 animals make sure you watch that one too. This year is the year of the Ox!

 Tomorrow you will be making Chinese lanterns and dragons and perhaps even trying some Chinese food with your families if possible, I wonder if any of you have ever used chopsticks for your food?


Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us yesterday? Well today we will be practising that sound, playing a game  and writing our sentence. But today instead of doing your tricky words on the video I would like you to use  the game  on the link below. For your sounds today i would like your adult to say the new sounds we have been learning to see how many of them you can write without seeing the sound. That is a bit of a challenge but have areally good try and then let me know how you get on!!


Phonics 11.02.2021


 Did you enjoy meeting numberblock 10 yesterday? How did you find the missing numbers game? So today I would like you to play another game. You will need a partner  for this game today and it would be great if you both had a tens frame , 10 small objects  each and also a  number track each plus a set of 1-10 number cards to share. Have a look on tapestry to see how to play!!


 Keep up with your reading .


 You could also use your Teach your monster to read games for reading practise too!!


If you have not popped over to Harold’s diary then today would be a good day to have a look as it is thinking of others Thursday.

So we have found out about Chinese New Year this morning  and we saw the dragon dance during the parade I wonder if you could do a dragon dance? You can watch one by clicking on the link below and scrolling down the page to find this film.







I wonder if you could make a fan like these ones here or even dragon like this one.







I have recorded a story on tapestry for you too.

Wednesday 10th  February

Good morning everyone!  First of all I must apologise because I have heard that some of the links to the work yesterday did not work, I am very sorry about this. I had problems uploading links when I put the work onto the blog on Monday evening and I was hoping that what I had done would work. I am sorry, I have added the links onto today’s blog for those who would like to complete that work.


 So as  you know that Mrs Peters and I  have been talking to lots of you at home with your  grown ups and we have more calls today.  It is been absolutely wonderful to talk to you and your marvellous parents so thank you for making time for us.However that does mean that  this week we will not be having our whole class zoom call today but we will continue with these after half term.if you are joining the zoom disco on Friday afternoon then we will see you at that!!

Here is the zoom meeting link for families who have arranged a call with us today. We are really looking forward to talking to you.

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Meeting ID: 954 4401 2843

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 As you know from last week over on Harold’s diary it is workout Wednesday  so I wonder what he will be up to today? I  know that Jo Wicks will be starting the day with one of his workouts if you want to try that out or you can always go to another of Andy's wild workouts. It is also our PE day.

 Do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. Do you know what today’s number is?  Can you make this number with parts? Do you know what double this number is? It is a great number today and we are going to see this number again in numberblocks later on.

Today we are going to  do a bit more work with the panda bear book from Monday. In our book the panda sees lots of different animals and this term we have looked at different animals and birds. So I would like you to  think of  your favourite animals and birds and we are going to write our own  panda bear panda bear what do you see. So it will start with panda bear panda bear what do you see and it  might say 'I  see a robin tweeting at me'. Then you would write robin robin what do you see and the robin might  say' I see a cat purring at me' You could draw your animals with speech bubbles saying these things.

It s still on tapestry so have another listen if yu need to remind yourself about the book and when you choose your animals talk with your grown up about what sound or action the animal is doing in your version.


Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us on Monday? We have another new one to learn today so get ready to find out more. I am also giving you an idea for a game to practise your tricky words.

Building towers.

You will  need a  dice and the tricky words you need to practise written out several times on pieces of paper or card then place these face down in a pile.You will also need lego or other building blocks.   On the sheet of paper draw a space to build a tower for each word with the corresponding tricky word written in it.

Your child rolls  the dice and takes a card  they read the word and then puts the number of blocks on the corresponding place on the sheet of paper. So if they roll ' all ' and the number '4' they put 4 blocks on the 'all'  tower. 

The idea is to see which tower is tallest. Here is a picture of the game to help you. You can see it has also been palyed with sounds in the tower spaces so you can try that too. In this picture adice was made for choosing the tricky word to build so you can try that way too. Have fun!!




Phonics 10.02.2021


 Today I would like you to watch numberblocks 10.After that I would like you to use number cards you already have or make a set of number cards 1-10 , can you lay them out in order and then you need to take it in turns to close your eyes while one number is removed. Can you say which number is missing each time? If you want to make it even harder try removing two numbers!! You can also play this game with the numicon you used last week.


 I can't wait for this ....



Don’t forget your reading!!


When I was looking at Harold’s diary for yesterday I saw a really lovely idea. Here it is ..


 It's Valentines Day on Sunday - have you heard of it? It's a day that people use to celebrate their loving and caring feelings for each other! I love my friends and family, and I love letting them know, too! It's so nice to hear that someone loves you or cares for you, isn't it? So I thought we could spread a bit of this care and happiness! 

The idea is to draw lots of hearts and cut them up (my Mum and Dad will help with this part, so make sure you get a grown up to help you, too!).  When I have lots and lots of hearts, I'm going to colour and decorate them, then write cheerful messages on each of them!

When I've done enough, I'm going to find an empty jam jar (or other small jar), clean it up - maybe get the label off it - then fill it with the happy hearts. Then I'll screw the lid back on and hey presto! A present for the people in my family that I love! They can take turns in taking out one of the happy heart messages, either each day, or just on days when they would like cheering up a bit. 
Here is a set of blank hearts to cut out and use or just draw your own.

use the link to find out more on Harold's diary.

PLEASE MR. PANDA read by The Storytime Lady

Links to yesterday's work if required again.


Tuesday 9th  February

Good morning everyone!  How are you all today?  I am looking forward to talking to more of you today with your parents at our zoom calls. Here is the link for today’s meetings. Please join the meeting at your  booked time and I will admit you when the family before you have left the meeting.

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Meeting ID: 976 7913 2578

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 Do you know what day it is today?Do you know today’s number? It is the number we saw on numberblocks yesterday isn’t it. It is 1 more than 8 and 1 less than 10.I wonder what weather we will have today. I got very excited at lunchtime yeterday when I saw a few flakes of snow! I wonder if we will have anymore snow.  If we do have snow perhaps we can enjoy it as much as these pandas!! There will  more about these pandas later on.

Pandas sliding in the snow - BBC News

So today is Safer Internet Day and we are all using the internet a lot more than usual during this period of home schooling so it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on how the internet is used by  children at home and also how it can be used safely. There are lots of resources to support this work in a special page on the class pages part of our school website but I will give you some activities to do here that are specifically designed for Reception aged children.

 Firstly I would like you to listen to this story about Digiduck. Parents and carers there is lots to discuss in this story and you might need to stop, discuss and find out what your  child knows and understands about the internet. The work today is to ensure that as a family you have a clear understanding of how the internet is used safely, that children know and understand they must always seek help from a trusted adult if they see something on the internet they are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with.









 Why not make a poster together about how you stay safe online in your home and what the rules for internet use are.


Did you enjoy the story yesterday?  So the pandas we saw in the snow live in a zoo in America and you can watch them live on their webcams here.  They are called Tian Tian, Mei Xiang and  in August last year they had a very precious cub called Xiao Qi Ji (SHIAU-chi-ji).

I would like you to watch the film below which tells you more information about pandas. After you have watched it I would like you to draw a giant panda and write some facts about it. So you might write. This is a panda. It  is big.  A panda has big black spots. A panda’s food is bamboo.

 A panda can go high up in a tree.

All About Pandas for Kids - FreeSchool


Do you remember the new sound we learnt yesterday?  Today we are going to practise using it again. You will need paper and something to write with today and if you made your flashcards yesterday they will be needed too.

Phonics 09.02.2021


 Did you enjoy numberblocks 9 yesterday? Today I would like you to look at another White rose maths activity. week 2 session 3 


Don’t forget your reading today!!

Do you remember when we used our forks to paint with and we made our hedgehog pictures wekll how about making a panda like that using white paint and a fork or you could use paper to cut out the shapes to make a panda like this one here.There are even some using potatoes do you remeber we used those when we made our christmas wrapping paper.




Monday 8th February

Good morning everyone!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We will be seeing some of with your parents this week during our individual zoom meetings. Here is the link for today’s meetings.This is the link for today’s parent meetings only. There will be a new link for each day. Please enter the waiting room at your booked time and I will admit you once the previous family have finished.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 942 4787 8612

Passcode: 0WHfZu

Mrs Peters and I are really looking forward to seeing those you at these meetings.

I have also added the link below for you too.

We are going to start today with a collective worship from Mr Lacey he is the CEO of DSAT.

Please use the link below to watch today’s collective worship.The link is also available on the Worship page.

It is the first day of the school week today  I am pretty sure by now you are experts on the days of the week so you will all know what day it is today.  The number today is a number we looked at last week. What do you know about this number? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today.  I have seen that it is going to be very cold this week and in some places there has been lots of snow, I wonder if we will have anymore snow this week.

I think we need to get  moving for the start of the day. I know that you can go to Jo Wicks youtube for his PE lesson or you might like to join in with this song   and it will get us practising our dance moves for Friday!!

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance, dance, dance along with the Trolls to this awesome JT song!Create a free accou...

So this week we have a number of different events happening. I expect you are all excited about the zoom school disco on Friday, I know Mrs Peters and I really looking forward to it and we have been practising our dancing too.


Tomorrow it is Safer Internet day and on Friday it is also Chinese New Year so we will be learning more about that and in fact our story for today is about an animal that only lives in China, I happen to know that  for at least one of our friends this is her favourite animal!

Our story today is written by one of our favourite authors and it  will remind you of two other books we have read in school Brown Bear , Brown Bear what do you see  and also Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you see. This one is called Panda Bear Panda Bear what do you see?


You can listen to me reading it on tapestry.

Did you enjoy it? All the animals in this book are endangered and need to be protected. In China the pandas have been so well protected that now they are no longer endangered. In China there are lots of special panda reserves where they are looked after. My grown up son worked  in China for a while and he went to visit the Chengdu panda centre. He saw lots of pandas  in the reserve and here are some of his photos from when he visited.


I wonder if you know about any of the other animals in this book? I wonder if you can  find out anything about any of them. Perhaps one of them is your favourite animal. So today I would like you to draw the panda from the story and then one of the other animals too. I think I would draw the panda and the green sea turtle because they are one of my favourite creatures.We will be coming back to this book tomorrow too.I know the children will want to know where China is so here is a map of the world to show them.





Have you got your flashcards to help you today if you need them?

Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom  taught us last week?  We have another new sound for today and all our tricky words are on the video too. You will also need paper and something to write with today.

Phonics 08.02.2021


Today we will be starting by watching  a numberblocks episode.  It is all about 9. After that I would like you to watch the film on tapestry to see how to play a maths game today. You will need to have a piece of paper , some small items for counting and also some number cards with the digits 1-9 written on them.


I know how well you are all practising your reading so keep it up.

 Last week we didn’t look at our Scarf activity because we did lots of PSED work anyway. Here is the link again. This week’s activity which is number 4 links with the work we will be doing tomorrow for Safer Internet day.


 Here is this week's Picture News.Below you will find the links  the documents to look at and share together. Each week there is topical photograph to discuss with discussion ideas for you to use at home.

Here is this week’s picture.