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Week beginning 22.02.2021

Friday 26th February

Good morning everyone!  My goodness me  I feel as though this week has flown by which is super because it brings us closer to that wonderful day when we will be welcoming you all back to school. Wasn’t it a lovely day yesterday it is beginning to feel as though spring  will be with us soon that’s the next season for us to learn about and enjoy. I enjoyed seeing your rockets yesterday, you have all worked really hard this week – well done.

 So here we are on the last day of the school week  I am sure you all know what it is don’t you? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today.  This weekend it will be the end of  February do you know what month comes next? That’s right it is March and I know one of our friends will be really looking forward to the first day of March as it’s their birthday!!

Let's  get  active  again this morning start to the morning. I saw this on Year 1’s blog and thought you would like to try it out too.

Busy Feet 'It's Warm Up Time'

Hello and welcome to 'Busy Feet' Explorers.Please support Busy Feet - 'It's Warm Up Time' video by visiting our 'about' page on busyfeetHME. Thank you.Our n...

We have learnt about the moon this week and looked at rockets and astronauts. Today we are going to find out a little bit more about the solar system and the other planets.There is a lot to find out so I think we might look at this again next week too. Let’s find out more from Paxi.

Paxi - The Solar System

Join Paxi on a journey through our Solar System, from the rocky inner planets close to the Sun, past the giant planets to the freezing edge, the home of come...

There  are a lot of planets to remember aren’t there can you try to make a poster about the planets, you will need to try and draw them and if you can remember the order of them that will be fantastic. You will need to label each planet too. These pictures will help you.





Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom have taught us this week? They have been very impressed with how hard you’ve worked this week. Use the video today to practise the new sounds and play a game to help you.  We have played this  game  before and it will need a bit of preparation by you and  your child. You will need a card with 12 spaces on it to write the 12 words for the game. The children should all be able to manage this but if it is too much then you can take it in turns to  write the words.

Phonics 26.02.2021


Yesterday you looked at 2d shapes which are flat shapes and they are all around us. Can you remember the names of all the shapes you saw yesterday. Here are some shape challenges for you to try at home and you can make some of these shape people too.






Remember to do your reading and use all that learning from your phonics lessons.

Today is the afternoon we usually do music so why not log back into charanga again. We will be starting the unit called Our World and start with  session 1 .

The username is Elmer followed by your child's initials ( in capital letters) e.g. ElmerSF

the password  is YearR.

The link below will take you to the log in page our package is Everyone. If you click on this it will take you to the lessons to work through. The children are familiar with this and I hope will enjoy being able to access this from home.

I looked out last night and I could see so many stars and the moon shining brightly. I think it will be clearer at night for the next few  nights so why not try some star gazing. Follow the link below for some great tips for star gazing.

Here is another story from the space station for you to enjoy.

"Hey-Ho, to Mars We'll Go!" read by Astronaut Christina Koch

Hey-Ho, to Mars We'll Go!: A Space-Age Version of "The Farmer in the Dell"Written by Susan Lendroth with Illustrations by Bob KolarRead on board the Internat...

Thursday 25th February

Good morning everyone!  Thank you so much for joining our zoom call yesterday it was lovely to see you all and hopefully you are as excited as we are about you all  returning to school. I know your friends at school can’t wait to have all back. Thank you for the  super work  we saw yesterday too.

We are getting close to the end of the week now and also the end of February  so do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today.

Why not get moving with this song to begin the day.


' Coordination Funk ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

 We saw some super astronauts yesterday and I am glad that you enjoyed the story from the ISS we loved listening to that in school and I might have another one for you later today too!! Now if you are an astronaut you are going to need a rocket or space station or even a lunar module to travel in. Watch the clip below to see the SpaceX mission to take two astronauts to the International space station.

SpaceX rocket launches 2 NASA astronauts into space

When an astronaut goes to work on the ISS they are allowed to take some special items with them and they choose things like photos of their family, a special hat or piece of clothing even a teddy bear!! Do you remember what baby bear took with him in the story on Monday? So today I would like you to think really carefully about what you would take with you if you went in a rocket. There is a rocket outline for you to use if you want to print it out or you can draw the rocket and write inside it.  What will you choose to take with you in the rocket?


Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us yesterday? Well today we will be practising that sound, playing a game  and writing our sentence. Today you could  use  the game below to practise your tricky words.

Phonics 25.02.2021


 So today for our mathematics we are going to investigate shapes, we have talked about these before both the 2d ( flat shapes) and also the 3d ( solid shapes). The numberblocks are going to help you with the 2d shapes so  first watch the video on the link below.

Now I would like you to first of all have a good look around your home to see what 2d shapes you can spot, there are shapes everywhere you look. Then I would like you to see if you can make a rocket like the ones you can see here using some 2d shapes.



 Keep up with your reading!!

 Try this simple rocket science experiment together

This activity is called a Rocket Mouse because you can make the top look like a mouse, but we are going to make it look like a rocket.


Milk jug – empty and rinsed



Decorations – optional


Make a cone shape using the paper and sellotape.

Place the cone of top of the milk jug.

 Then you will need to squeeze the milk jug hard.

 The cone rocket should shoot up into the air.




When you squeeze the bottle, the air inside is forced out through the top. The force of the air against the rocket top sends it shooting upwards. You should find that the harder you push the sides of the bottle together the greater the force of the air leaving the bottle and the higher the rocket will go.


How could you make your Rocket Mouse fly higher?

How could you slow down the flight of your rocket?

What would happen if you used a smaller container?

How could you set up an investigation to find out what happens if you use a smaller container? What conditions would you need to keep the same?

Here is the story that I read yesterday for you again so you can really see the pictures clearly and a lovely song for to join in with.

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me (The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories)

In Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me, a young girl asks her Father for the moon, but Papa discovers that the moon is very, very big. Taken from The Very Hungr...

Sun, Moon, and Stars | The Singing Walrus | Songs for kids

Wednesday 24th  February

Good morning everyone!   Goodness me this week is whizzing by!! I expect you are counting down the days until you can come back to be with us in school. Do you know how many days it is? It will be lovely for us all to be together again won’t it. Well today as you know is our zoom call day  so here is the link and we are looking forward to seeing lots of you again today. Yu can tell us what you did last week, what you had on your pancakes or you might like to tell us your learning questions about space.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 988 9769 8358

Passcode: 484xb0


 As you know from previous weeks over on Harold’s diary it is workout Wednesday  so I wonder what he will be up to today? I  know that Jo Wicks will be starting the day with one of his workouts if you want to try that out.  What about this action song to get you started today.

Action Songs for kids | The Singing Walrus

 Do you know what day of the week it is today? Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today. It is starting to feel a little bit warmer now isn’t it.  It must be warming up because look what I have found in my pond! Do you know what this is? I wonder if you have seen this before. This is frogspawn and all those little black dots will hopefully hatch into tadpoles. I have taken some into school so that we can look at it more closely and you will be able to see it when you come back to school too.


Did you find out lots of information about the moon yesterday? We found out it has no wind and that it can be very hot and very cold. We also discovered that on the moon there is no gravity so that is why sometimes things appear to ‘fly’ around in space.

So I am sure lots of you are really interested in astronauts and rockets. So today we will find out a bit more about astronauts. First I would like you to listen to this story which is going to be read to you by an astronaut inside the space station!!

If I Were an Astronaut

Can you draw yourself as an astronaut and write about what would you do? Think about what you saw in the book and what you heard about from the astronaut.

Here some ideas to help you with your picture and to  look at what the astronaut does. You could also make an astronaut as in the picture here and add your writing onto it.




Do you remember the new sound Fig and Dom  taught us on Monday? We have another new one to learn today so get ready to find out more. I would like you to really focus now on practising any digraphs/ trigraphs or tricky words that you are finding it hard to remember. I will not have these on the teaching video today so that you can go through your flashcards and work out which ones you need more practise with. There might be lots or only some of them, you can play some of the games we did last term, cam you remember the tap tap read game?  That is agreat way to practise sounds and words you are fiding it hard to remember.


Phonics 24.02.2021



Today  you will need to make two sets of cards with numbers 1-10 on them. These will be a great way to practise number formation so use your number track to help you and check that the numbers on your cards are formed correctly.



 Then I would like you to play a matching pairs game together so it could be snap or you could lay them all out and look for pairs that match. You could also play the missing numbers game so 1 of you makes the number track and one of you has the other set of cards. The person with the number track needs to remove a number  and their partner needs to find the missing number form their cards. To make this game more challenging why not muddle up the numbers and see if your partner can tell you which one is missing !!



Don’t forget your reading!!

It is our PE day so you can use the link below to find some PE activities to try at home or just get outside on your bike, on your trampoline, go for a walk or play with your ball outside. Get those bodies moving!!


How about trying to make yourself a space helmet or even some oxygen tanks!! Remember it is not safe to put things over your head unless a  trusted grown up is with you and they have made the helmet with you. Here are some ideas to get you started, you might need to collect some items for this so you can always carry on with it another day!!

Tuesday 23rd  February

Good morning everyone!  How are you all today?   I hope you are all very happy, relieved, excited and delighted about the news that we heard yesterday. We can all be back in school together very soon and I CANNOT wait to see you all back together again. I am sure you will be receiving information from school about this very soon!!

How did your first day back at home learning go yesterday? I saw some super work so well done.

 Do you know what day it is today? I wonder what weather we will have today. Do you know today’s number?

 Before we  think about the story from yesterday I wonder if you have seen this amazing film of the  Mars rover actually landing.

Perseverance Rover's Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this vide...

So did you enjoy the story yesterday? Do you think baby bear could really go to the moon like that? Of course this is a story and as we know anything can happen in a story but it might not happen in real life!!

The moon is fascinating, watch the films below to find out more about the moon.

Paxi explores the Moon!

All About the Moon: Astronomy and Space for Kids - FreeSchool

Now I would like you to draw the moon and see if you can talk to your grown up about some moon facts and they can write these down for you. You might even have books about space at home to help you with this too.


Do you remember the new sound we learnt yesterday?  Today we are going to practise using it again. You will need paper and something to write with today for your sentence.

Phonics 23.02.2021


Today we will continue with our work on 9 and  10. I would like you to use the next session from White rose maths  and complete today's activity and then  I would like you to  watch the numberblocks episode  below too



Don’t forget your reading today!!

Today we have our weekly picture news to discuss and all the links are below. Here is this week’s picture for you.

Try this moon painting , they have used scrunched up silver foil to make the craters.

There is a lovely story for you to listen to on tapestry too.

Monday 22nd February

Good morning everyone!   Welcome back to our new half term and more home learning. I expect it will feel a bit strange today after a week off having to get back into your home school routine but you were all so good at it last half term I am certain you can carry on the fantastic work again and there is hope that it might be not be for all of this half term but we must wait and see  what the grown ups in London decide for us all today.

Remember to do your best, listen to your grown ups and be proud of what you achieve.

 How was your half term? It was  a bit hard  on some days to do very much  because the weather was so miserable wasn’t it. Pippa and I had to go for lots of very wet walks!!  Did you make pancakes on Tuesday? I did and I ate lots of them, what was your favourite topping? Mrs Peters and I have both been very busy in our gardens and we have planted lots of seeds, let’s just hope they all germinate!!   I wonder if you heard some of the fascinating things that happened and were reported in the news. Firstly some wonderful wildlife news, there are increased  numbers of these beautiful birds  called common cranes in the UK  and in Dorset which is the county we live in there have been a pair of beavers released into the wild - how amazing is that.




Did you see the rover landing on Mars? Wasn’t that amazing and such great timing for us because we are going to be doing lots of learning about the moon, the planets, rockets and stars. I am going to need you to help me work out just what exactly we want to learn about but more about that later.


I also heard about this incredible flower that  finally bloomed this week. Botanists had been waiting six years for this event, the flower only lasts for 12 hours so it is very special and it is called a moon flower.


It is the first day of the school week today  I am pretty sure by now you are experts on the days of the week so you will all know what day it is today.   Can you believe we are nearly at the end of another month. Have a look outside and decide what weather you will put on your calendar today.  

I think we will  need to get  moving for the start of the day. I know that you can go to Jo Wicks youtube for his PE lesson or do another one of Andy’s wild workouts  you might like to join in with this song  which really seems to help get us started on a Monday morning!!

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

So this morning for your first job today I would like you to listen to the story below, I am sure it is one you will have heard before. Then have a little chat about what baby bear did. Where did he go? Who or what did he see? Did he take anything with him? Could this really happen?

Can you draw baby bear in his ‘rocket’? Do you know anything about the moon?

Now as I mentioned at the top of the page today  we will be finding out more about this term’s learning. The story you ahve just listened to will have given you a clue too. We are going to be basing our learning around the theme of SPACE so to get us started I would like you to watch this short film together and then talk about what you already know about space and the planets and also what you would like to learn more about. There is no right or wrong in this activity, I want the children to come up with some questions they want to find out the answers to and that is what will help to shape our learning this half term. So for example they might ask Why is the planet Mars red?

How do astronauts sleep in a space rocket? What do astronauts eat? Support them to write their question down. They could write it in a star shape or on a rocket shape.

 I do not want you to worry about finding out answers now hopefully we will be doing that over the next few weeks. I am sure we have some space experts and that is great because they can  share their knowledge with us.

Whatever Next

Written by Jill MurphyPublished by McMillan

1411_031_AR_EN (1).mp4

Still image for this video



Have you got your flashcards to help you today if you need them?

Do you remember the new sounds Fig and Dom  taught us last term?  We have another new sound for today and all our tricky words are on the video too. You will also need paper and something to write with today.

Phonics 22.02.2021


 Can you remember at the end of last term we looked at number 9 and 10 ? We are going to do a little bit more work with these this week. I would like you to start with some subitising first of all this morning. Use the photos below and see what you notice and can see. Remember if you can see it is 5 then say 5 and you will not need to count to check for numbers above 5 you might need to count them but them have another look to see what other number groups you can spot.

I would like you to watch the video from White Rose Maths today and complete the activity provided on there.


There has been lots to read in our phonics session today but try to find time to read a book together too.

 Either use Oxford owls like you were last term or choose a book you already have.

This term our SCARF theme is a unit called Rights and Responsibilities it is about learning the skills to develop into responsible citizens. This includes

  • Beginning to understand how to look after money including saving and spending.
  • Responsibilities we have at home
  • Caring for the environment

These specially designed SCARF at home units contain activities similar to the ones we will be doing in school.

Please read through all the activities before you get started and do not worry if this does not get completed today. You might like to start it today and come back to it as the first activity has quitea lot in it.


 Today you can join  in with us at school for our collective worship. This will  be led by Mrs Beaver  and starts at 2.30 pm. Remember worship is a quiet and respectful time.

Here is the zoom link for this.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 6364 8528

Passcode: Jwn5hg