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Whole School Worship

Down in the Well!

An Open The Book assembly

St David's Day 1st March

Good morning boys and girls.
We are now in our Second Week of Lent and making our journey towards Easter. Today is a very special day for anyone who is Welsh or associated with Wales because the 1st March is St. David’s Day.
We will be learning about the Patron Saint of Wales in our worship today and thinking about his special saying, 'Do the little things in life'.

Open The book Worship 26th February 2021


The team from Open The Book bring us another story from the Bible.  This is the story of the king who would not listen to God's word, which the prophet Jeremiah brought to him written on a scroll.


If the king had listened he would have heard both the warnings from God and God's message at the end of the scroll.  You can still read what God said to the king who would not listen in the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

The King who wouldn't listen!

Worship - 22nd February 


In our worship today boys and girls, we will be thinking about Lent which you may already know, started on the Wednesday during your half term break. You may remember that the start of Lent is called Ash Wednesday and that Lent is a period of 40 days and 40 nights that leads us up to Easter Sunday.


During Lent, many Christians make an effort to spend more time with God by praying and talking to him. Christians may decide to give up certain foods like sweets and crisps – all those tasty things that people enjoy! Christians also try to do more good deeds and give to charity. This is called almsgiving.


Our live Worship will being today at 2:30pm. 

Worship - 8th February


Our worship today comes to us from our DSAT CEO, Mr Mark Lacey. Click on the link below.


He encourages us to do at least one thing each day to make us happy and to think happy thoughts before bedtime so that we can rest well and get a good nights sleep. 


If anyone in your family is feeling sad this week, what can you do to lift them up and make them feel happier? 


Rosaleen Beaver


The generosity of God shown through the Feeding of the 5000


  As we share God’s love with others, we don’t end up with less, we end up with more love than we started. Carolyn tells us the New Testament story of how Jesus feeds the 5000 through the 5 loaves and 2 fish of  a small boy.


Can you think of a time when you ended up with more than you started through giving something away?

Do you always end up with less when you share?


Worship 4th February

The generosity of God shown through the Feeding of the 5000

The Parable of the Talents / Double your money


A parable is a type of story that Jesus told so that people would learn something from it.

In our ‘Open the Book’ Bible story today, Jesus tells us about making the most of what we have been given.


I wonder what gifts God has given to you? Listen and watch as others compliment you this week or notice something good about what you are doing.


Can you compliment others if you notice something special about them? Have you noticed anyone being ‘a torch, birthday candles or a night light’ this week?

Open The Book Worship 2nd February

Candlemas Worship

Candlemas is celebrated on the 2nd February.
It marks the occasion when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to 'present him' before God.

Simeon, an old man at the temple said, 'Jesus will be a bright light shining in the world.'

We looked at three different sources of light in our worship today: a torch, birthday candles and a night light. For Christians, Jesus is that light shining in the darkness.

The torch: He shows us the way.
Birthday Candles: The joy He brings
Night light: The comfort He brings.

I wonder what type of light you will be this week?
Will you help show someone the way? Will you encourage them to make wise choices?
Will you bring joy to others when you walk into a room?
Will you comfort someone who is sad or a little lonely?

Worship Thursday 28th January

Generosity Worship: How can we generously give to others?

In our Bible story, Vicar Carolyn Couzens asks us to take a moment to think of the people around us who may need our help and love.

Boys and girls, think about the people around you...
- What do you think they need? - help to tidy up? a hug? a smile?
- What can you do for your family and friends today?

Worship 26th January from Open The Book

Still image for this video
The Big Party

Hello everyone,

Here is your Open the Book story this week called, 'The Big Party'. This Bible story teaches us how to include everyone and to think about people who are sometimes forgotten. and left out.


Have a good week.

The Open The Book team

Worship 25th January

It is in giving that we receive! What do you think the little boy in today's Bible story received?

Can you also spot where I mix up George and Harrison's names?

Generosity Worship 18th January

Please feel free to stop the worship and discuss as a family.