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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Work Sent in

Leo's French research was fantastic and taught me so much!

Izzy's wonderful handwriting and RE. I love your drawings and explanations!

Bethany's lovely diagram of how water travels in plants :)

I love this colourful rainbow troll and the description Lily-Rose, well done!

Wow Leo! What a super collection of work! It all shows me how you have been persevering and working hard - well done!

Jessie has made some lovely art work and a great start on his Trolls Text!

Some more marvellous maths and a very creative and well presented English text from Izzy!

Some lovely RE from Lilymay :)

Some fantastic practical Maths from Gabi today!

We are so proud of you for donating hair to the Little Princess Trust - what a super hero you are!

Wow look at this place value chart! This is a video of how to work out 57 divided by 3 - well done!

Still image for this video

Izzy's work :)

Beautiful work Bethany, well done!

More beautiful work from Gabi - you have achieved so much in your home learning!

Lily-Rose's marvellous work!

George A and George C's amazing art work!

Jack's English and Maths!

Some lovely work and pictures!

Fee's wonderful science and spelling!

Some wonderful geography and geocaching! What a cool hobby!

Jessie's new country and SpaG!

Izzy's super work!

Lily-Rose has sent in so much beautiful work!