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Work Sent In

Well done Gabi for some more wonderful work! 

I'm so proud that you have done the extension problem solving and figure out where they went wrong - well done !

I'm glad you reviewed Winnie the Pooh - I think from your picture it is either the story where Winnie the Pooh floated up the tree to try and steal the honey OR Piglet being flooded into his house! 

Izzy has been blowing my socks off with all the fantastic work she has been doing! Well done Izzy! 

Below is some thoughtful PSHE and a very interesting book review (I'm intrigued by your picture!). I love how your drop in information match the rest of your troll sentence perfectly - I hope you take all these things into your own troll text if you do it will be superb! 

Well done Darcie for completing some tricky Maths and presenting it so beautifully! I'm sure your Daily 10 time is super speedy with all your perseverance! 

Thank you Lilymay for sharing your beautiful Science art and labelling laugh

I'm also super excited to read your book 'Don't call me sweet', your book review has me very intrigued! 

Thank you for all this beautiful work Leo! 

I love your Georgia O'Keeffe inspired art work and what a genius idea to use different textures to make it look almost 3D! 

I am so proud of your handwriting and presentation in both English and Maths, I hope you are too! 

You've used some powerful adjectives in your English that helped me really imagine your troll!

Well done for trying those tricky questions on the Maths worksheet, I'm sure you had to use lots of perseverance to get those right! 

I love this descriptive paragraph Jack! Well done for using onomatopoeia and similes in your writing!

I loved reading your work today Gabi! I now know all about tissum and oranie! laugh

I love seeing all your beautiful artwork! Thank you for sending this in! laugh


Some more beautiful work from Kaelia, George and George. I know you have all been working so hard at school and we are all very proud of you! Well done for accessing all our online apps too!

LOTS of beautifully presented Maths from Izzy! Well done for using alliteration in your English AND well done for completing your RE too! It was a very busy day for you!

Below we have some beautiful Georgia O'Keeffe inspired art from Izzy: 


We also have some gorgeous art work from Darcie!


Some beautiful work from Lilymay! Well done for your research and fantastic definitions :)

Thank you Lily-Rose for your fantastic Troll description and picture! Your Maths is also superb!

Some wonderful work Jack has sent in - you can see how hard he has worked on his Maths presentation!




Well done Bethany! 

I am so impressed with you Problem-Solving Maths! You remembered that you need to carry the tens - well done! 

Well done Jessie for trying every challenge! I am so impressed with your perseverance!

Fantastic work from Izzy!

I am so impressed with the quality of work Izzy has sent in today! I loved learning all about Italy and seeing how much you have remembered about using the column method! I can tell you have tried really hard on this work and shown perseverance and determination - well done!

Leo's fantastic work!

Below is some wonderful work from Leo! You can see he has kept up the beautiful handwriting he was practicing before Christmas - well done! I am also very impressed at how hard you have worked on all the Maths challenges - they were tricky ones today! 

I loved learning more about Libya and what an interesting way to display all the information! I love that you have created your own report and used subheadings! 

George A, George C and Kaelia have been hard at work today! Well done all of you :)