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Gallery of work and photos

This week in BFG Base... we have been remembering the soldiers from the past and present. Year 3 were very respectful and kind when we discussed the men and women who are in the armed forces. We decided to create some art based on our poppies and display them in our window for the other year groups to see. Gabi received a respect token telling the class how when we make our poppy pictures we should be thinking about the soldiers and thanking them for what they have done for us. 



In Science... we have been looking at movement and the shapes our bodies can create during different exercises. We sketched these positions in the style of Alberto Giacometti and then created them with tin foil. 



This week in BFG Base... We have finished our beautiful, double-page information texts! The children have worked so hard on this piece of writing. They have drafted, edited and presented their work whilst showing such perseverance and attention to detail. I am so proud of all their hard work and it is lovely to hear how proud they are too! 

Have a lovely half term, stay safe!

Miss Hook

This week in BFG Base... we created our own edible soil! We looked at the different layers soil is made up of and found out that our soil is made form rocks and different types of organisms - dead and alive! 

The children were so sensible creating their soil... even though it smelt delicious! 

I hope they enjoyed devouring it the moment they got home! 

In English, we have been finishing our draft paragraphs on the dangerous journey a pebble makes ready to make a fantastic two page explanation text which we can't wait to show you all at the end of this week! 


This week in BFG Base... we have had our first glockenspiel lesson! The children really enjoyed exploring the different notes and began to create their own original songs which were very melodic, of course! They have created a fantastic display which every adult in school has commented on to say how colourful and wonderful it is! 

The children have worked so hard on their maths this week. We have been working on our addition skills and have produced some beautifully presented work and have shown the value of perseverance every day. 

Well done Year 3! 

This week in BFG Base... we have been classifying rocks! We did a class experiment to find out the properties of rocks which included pipetting small spots of vinegar on to the rocks which we all agreed smelt awful! 

Then we drew the rocks in our sketch books and they looked fantastic! 

This week in BFG Base... we have been creating our cauliflower cards! If you go onto our Christmas Cards star you will be able to see them in full. Here's a sneak preview...


This week in BFG Base... we have been practising adding and taking away 10. It was a little bit tricky to begin with, especially crossing the tens, but we drew over the tables and persevered! 

In English, we have been innovating our Invisible String story and have created some fantastic new ideas including: The Invisible Monkey, The Invisible Family and the Invisible Hand Squeeze. We can't wait to post them up here and show off our amazing fronted adverbials, synonyms, expanded noun phrases and inverted commas!