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Reception - Elmer

 Welcome back  Reception class! 

This is the second part of our Summer term home learning.

You will need to check in the  Summer Term 2 rainbow every day for new home learning activities - have fun!!


 Look inside the rainbow every day to see what jobs you can do together at home - have fun!!!

 Look at our amazing World Book Day door.

We chose one of our favourite stories.

 We have had an amazing World Book Day!!!

We have shared lots of books.Here are some of our favourites.

 Look who has been in our class today!!


 We have started our Mission X. We have all made special Mission X badges and space helmets and we now have an amazing space area to play and work in in our classroom. We have also been finding out lots of interesting facts about our solar system and the planets within it.

 Pancake Day in Reception.

We had great fun making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We could have them with either lemon, sugar or syrup or even all three!! They were delicious.

We also had the Great Reception Pancake Race - we were really good at flipping and  running , it took a lot of concentration but  as you can see we had lots of pancake flipping experts!!

 Reception have had a very exciting and interesting letter from the


We have been asked to take part in Mission X and to train like an astronaut. Our first mission was to think about what we anted to learn about space. Come and look in our classroom and read our learning questions.

 Reception visit to RSPB Arne.

Reception have enjoyed a wonderful if slightly damp visit to RSPB Arne today as part of their learning about 'Wild Wonders' and to do some bird watching as we are taking part in the Big Schools Birdwatch this term.It was our very first school trip so we were very excited !! We travelled to Arne on a coach so we saw lots of interesting things on the way there. When we arrived we were met by Ellie who talked to us about keeping safe at Arne and then we set off to find lovely natural treasures for our journey sticks.


 Hedgehog Rescue.

We rescued the hedgehog that had fallen over into the tyre. It needed some water to drink so we carefully wrapped it in a little towel and used a pipette to give it a drink. It is at the vets now so that it can be checked over and then it needs to find a warm and cosy place to hibernate.

                                         We read this lovely book and went for an Autumn walk. We collected lots of leaves and looked at the changes happening to the trees. While we were on our walk we found  a little hedgehog that had fallen into one of the tyres on our playtrail. 

                                     We have been talking about Autumn.  

              We have been looking at changes that are happening in      nature outside. We have noticed the leaves changing colour and falling off trees,the weather has changed and it is a bit colder now. We found out that some animals eat lots of food in the Autumn so that they can have along sleep in the Winter, this sleep is called hibernation. One animal that hibernates is a hedgehog. We have been learning more about  hedgehogs, we found out what they like to eat. We discovered that hedgehogs can swim!! We also found out that hedgehogs are nocturnal - this means that they usually sleep during the day and come out at night.


 We went for a walk in our woods and look what we found!! We had our own Bog Babies to play with.





Bog Baby. We read this lovely story and talked about what Bog Babies can do. We made Bog Babies and drew pictures of them too.

 The children have  all made a very confident start to school and enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring their new learning environment.

We have been playing inside and outside, confidently eating our lunch in the hall and playing on the playground and field with some of the older children.

This week we had our first P. E lesson, which was great fun and we got ourselves changed very sensibly.

Look at our lovely classroom - all ready for the learning to begin!! We are looking forward to welcoming our new starters tomorrow and on Monday.

 Elmer Class 2019  -2020

 Elmer Class 2018-2019

Welcome to Reception - Elmer Base!




Welcome to our  new look class page.

On here you will be able to find out more about our learning and what we get up to in Reception.  We have been very busy settling into school since September, learning about our new classroom and routines, making new friends and learning lots of new skills.

 We have started our astronaut training !! Mission X requires us to carry out some physical challenges based on the type of exercises that astronauts do when they are training to go into space. 

We have been doing tunnel crawls, star jumps, climbing, weight lifting, throwing and catching while sitting down, step ups and the big space walk. We have had two sessions practicing these skills ready to record our best efforts in our astronaut books.

 We also decided that we would change our role play area into a space station and we have been adding lots of information to it. We have been finding out about the planets in our solar system and this week we are finding out more about the moon. Look at the wonderful poster about the solar system that was made at home for us amazing independent writing and learning.
 The letter asked us think about what we want to learn about space so we did a bit of research and wrote some learning questions. 
  We were very excited to receive a letter  telling us that we have been chosen to take part in Mission X. You can read the letter here.

 This term we started with a new story from our story wand called ' How to catch a star'.

We have learnt the story and drawn our own storymaps, we also thought about how we would try to catch a star.

 The first spring half term finished with Enterprise Week. During this week we learnt about the different jobs people do and we thought about the type of jobs we would like to do when we grow up we were particularly interested in being police officers!!  We worked hard to make our products for the Enterprise market and as well as selling our products we had fun choosing what to buy too. Although we didn't win the trophy we really enjoyed making our products.
We had a wonderful visit to RSPB Arne. We made sure we were dressed for the weather as is was a bit windy and cold. We went for a Journey stick walk through the woods at Arne and collected all sorts of natural treasures , when we got back to school we drew maps to show our journeys.

 As part of our Wild Wonders we also read the lovely book King of the Tiny Things



We were inspired to write tiny letters to him and also to make him a special shelter outside, we were amazed when he wrote back to us!!

Our Spring Term learning started with 'Wild Wonders'.

We were inspired by the wonderful book ' Lost Words' By Robert McFarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris

We knew lots of the 'lost words' such as otter, kingfisher, willow and have learnt lots of new words such as heron, raven and ivy. The book inspired us to create some amazing artwork which you can see here.


 Monster pumpkins.


We have planted our monster pumpkin seeds and the plants are growing very nicely. we will be ready to put them outside soon. Last year the gardener Matthew Oliver grew a pumpkin so big that he was able to make it into a boat!!


 Then on Friday just as we were sitting talking on the carpet Mrs Millband rushed into the classroom she had spotted toilet paper all over the stairs to the library and even on the library door handle. We knew who was behind this, it must be Evil Pea!! So we decided to go and investigate - maybe we would find the missing Super Veggies.

We made our way cautiously to the library and found all the toilet roll then we went upstairs and in the library we found the Super Veggies trapped in a huge basket, luckily Super Marrow had arrived to help them out. We took them safely back to our classroom. Hopefully that is the last we will see of the Evil Peas!!

  We couldn't believe what had happened to our potatoes when we came into school on Monday and the Evil Peas had taken our Super Veggies. We wrote reports about what had happened and then made some posters to tell everyone about what had happened and to see if they could help us.

                                         Summer Term fun begins.

 Well we have got off to a very exciting start this term in Reception. We listened to the story of Supertato which we all really enjoyed although it made us very concerned about the whereabouts of the Evil Peas!!

We have drawn storymaps for the story and produced some fantastic writing too. We made Supertato pictures and added our own speech bubbles for the different characters. We also made our own Supertatos. We used the paint programme on the laptops to make pictures of Supertato.

  Snow Day

It's snowing!! We enjoyed the snow yesterday and now there is even more to have fun in!!

Here are some ideas for you to do while you are at home today.

 Yesterday we went outside and tried to build a snowman - it was quite tricky but we made some very small ones. If you go outside together today why not try building a snowman or snowlady or even a snowdog  and  then when you go back inside you could draw and write about your snow figure or perhaps your grown ups can take  a photo of it and we can see it when we all come back to school together.

 It is World Book Day and I know you were all excited about showing me your costumes hopefully we will have another opportunity to celebrate it.   The theme for this year is Sharing Stories - see this leaflet for some information for your grown ups.


If you follow the links above  then you can watch and listen to some stories online. Then you can choose your favourite one and write about it - why did you like it? What is your favourite part of the story? Who is your favourite character - can you draw them?


There are also lots of activities that you can print off and complete which are linked to the stories.

Can you make a bookmark at home to bring in show everyone when school is open again?


As it is World Book Day, why not take some Wild Weather Extreme Reading photos? Send them into the school office email address or to our Twitter account: @bsmprimaryhead


 Try playing this maths game we have learnt about halves of numbers as well as doubling numbers and this game will help you practice and use what you already know about numbers.

 This game will help you practice counting on.


If you would like to do some letters and sounds practice ( phonics) then there are lots of ideas here use the first early phonics and next early phonics sections.


Last of all why not try writing a story about the snow, this link will take you to a vide of a lovely story called Lost in the Snow - unfortunately I can't find it in English!! but if you watch it without the sound then you can talk about what is happening and write your own Lost in the Snow story. You might even have this book at home.

 If you don't want to go outside to make your snowman why not try making one of these sock snowmen!!

The instructions are on the clip below


Why not think about what you want to learn about dinosaurs? You might be able to do some of your own research and bring into school what you find out. Try this link as a starting point.


Don't forget to read to your grown ups. Stay warm and safe and have fun in the snow together.



 Visit to Dorchester County Museum.

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to go with Year one and Year two to visit the museum in Dorchester to see Dippy the dinosaur who is travelling around the country and being displayed in different museums. His travels begin in Dorchester.



Here is the film we watched at school of him being taken down in the Natural History Museum, London.

Here is the film of him being put back up again in the museum.


We travelled by double decker bus to Dorchester which was very exciting and after a short walk we arrived at the museum. We did three different activities while we were there.


Investigating the Dorset Pliosaur in the Jurassic Coast Gallery

Getting up close to Dippy

Digging for fossils

Enterprise Week

We were very busy last week learning about money, jobs and Fairtrade.  We talked abut all the different jobs the adults in our families do and the jobs we know about.We thought about the job we want to do when we grow up and also the skills we will need to have to do those jobs, we all agreed that it is very important to do lots of learning as this will help us get the job we aspire to.

We worked very hard to create our products for the Enterprise Market and we made beautiful brooches as well as some sweet smelling soap.

 Chinese New Year

We found out that this is the year of the dog. We found out what families do to prepare for the celebration of Chinese New Year and had fun making latterns to decorate our classroom and dragon puppets as well as trying to use chopsticks to pick up pompoms and rice which was VERY tricky!!


Just before half term we took part in the RSPB Big School's birdwatch. We really enjoyed finding out about the different birds that we see out in our gardens and school grounds.

This  week we listened to the story Pumpkin Soup and we did some writing about pumpkin sizes, we usedt he pumpkins in the mud kitchen to develop our own recipes for soup too.

We thought it would be a good idea to make some pumpkin soup to try and on Friday we got busy , we chopped and diced the pumpkin, we counted how many seeds we had in each slice and we discovered that if you peel off the outside of the seed inside it is green and you can eat it!!

We also made some bread rolls with pumpkin seeds on top. We invited Mr Carter to taste the soup and he loved it so much he ate it all up!!



We talked about Firework night and we were all very excited about seeing the fireworks this weekend. We watched a video about fireworks and talked about all the different noises they made. We worked together to make an amazing firework picture.

Our visit to Dorchester County Museum.

On Wednesday we set off on a coach to Dorchester to visit the county museum. We went to find out about dinosaurs and fossils. We held fossils and learnt how fossils are formed. We made our own fossils using clay, plaster of paris and an ammonite and we visited the Jurassic Coast Gallery in the museum and discovered what the Weymouth pliosaur looked like.

Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March.

We all came to school wearing something red today. We have talked about why we have Red Nose Day and why we are helping to raise money. We found out about a little girl called Haja and her family who live in Sierra Leone, they used to live on a rubbish dump but money raised by Comic Relief helped them get a new, safe ,clean house. 

We have talked about what children need to grow up safe, healthy and happy.

We had fun in our red clothes today designing new red noses, decorating cakes with noses ( and eating them) and writing about why we are raising money for Red Nose Day - visit our classroom to see our writing!! 

Come and Play

On Friday 17th March we had another very successful Come and Play session in Reception. We had lots of dinosaur based activities to do together.One of the best was trying to free the dinosaurs from the ice!!!


This week we listened to this wonderful story.

It is a very exciting story  and it has inspired our new learning. We are going to be learning more about dinosaurs, and as we were fascinated by the island and the volcano on it we are going to find out more about volcanoes too. We had a learning discussion and now have some very interesting questions to answer. This week we have drawn and written our own ' HELP' letters like Katy did in the story, we have thought of ways to rescue the dinosaurs from the island as well as making new islands for the dinosaurs. At the end of the week some of us have written a story about Tom and Katy.

Science day

On Wednesday we took part in the whole school science day. We listened to the story of Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper and the pesky seagulls that kept stealing his lunch!!! Then we were set a challenge - Mr Grinling especially loved strawberries and wanted us to find a way to stop them getting squashed when they fell on the floor. We would need to be scientists for the day. We talked about what a scientist is and what they do. 

We were given lots of different materials and then we had to make something to put the strawberry in before it was dropped on the floor. Before we started making we tested the star berry to see which floor made it squash the most when it was dropped without anything to protect it. The hard classroom floor and the patio outside made it the squashiest.

Then we got busy making - you can see us here hard at work.

After we had made our strawberry packages we tested them, you can see us testing here.

World Book Day

We had a very busy world book day, we were all dressed as characters from our favourite books as you can see in the pictures below.


We read this very exciting book !! 


 Then we found out that Supertato had given us some challenges to do!! We were very busy, we had to rescue the Brussel sprouts because the evil peas had trapped them in ice, we all made our own Supertato, we used our Supertato to do weighing, we made traps for the evil peas and in the mud kitchen we made some tasty looking super soup. We really enjoyed this book and the challenges we were given. We also found time to share our favourite stories with each other.










Enterprise Week - products.

As well as all our visitors we have been hard at work making our products to sell at the Enterprise Market on Friday. We have designed , made and packaged these fantastic pom-poms shooters.


We have also been baking and decorating Gruffalo cakes.

More visitors...

We had another visitor yesterday afternoon. Mrs Wise came to talk to us about her job as a pig farmer, she told us all about the different food the pigs eat and we found out that  a mummy pig  is called a sow, a daddy pig is called a boar and they sometimes have tusks!! A sow can have as many as 20 piglets - that's a lot of babies to feed. 









Mrs Wise brought some other special visitors with her!!

Enterprise Week visitors.

This afternoon we have had a very exciting visit from C&O tractors.

Matthew and Catherine brought one of their tractors to show us. We found out all about the different jobs that tractors do on a farm and then we got to sit in the was very exciting!!!

Enterprise Week

This week we are taking part in Enterprise Week with the rest of the school. We have started the week by thinking about the different types of jobs that adults do and why they go to work.  You could support this at home by talking to your child about the job you do or about the jobs of  other family members. The children were very engaged in this discussion this morning and had lots of interesting ideas to share with us. Then we thought about what job we would like to do when we grow up.

As you can see we have high aspirations for our futures in Reception, we talked about how we can work towards and achieve these aspirations. We decided we needed to ...


 'do lots of practising'             'reading'                   'writing'               'be good at spelling'                 ' do lots of learning'


'know about numbers so we know which door number to go to'           ' know about money'

  The Big School Birdwatch

We are taking part in the RSPB school birdwatch and we have been busy learning the names of the different birds we are going to be looking for and making bird books and posters to help us spot the birds. Last week we made some bird feeders to help attract the birds to our garden and some of us have been making binoculars. We have had bird spotting books and binoculars brought in from home to help us too. We have also made a bird hide for the garden although it was rather windy last week when we tried to use it!!

We went out and about in the school grounds to see what birds we could see. There were lots of pigeons and we saw several sparrows in the bushes too.

Here we are doing the bird watch and using the bird hide in our garden.

Come and Play Session 

We held a very successful Come and Play session on Friday afternoon where we welcomed parents and careers into our classroom. The children were all very excited about sharing their learning environment with their adults and everyone was very busy!! We ended the afternoon with a story  and rhymes together.


Chinese New Year.

This weekend Chinese families in China and around the world are celebrating Chinese New Year. We watched a short film to find out how families prepare and celebrate the New Year. We found out that homes are cleaned and decorated, people wear new clothes and eat special meals together. 

We worked hard in PE making different 2d shapes - which shapes can you spot? 

Blast off!!

This week we have been finding out more about rockets. We have worked with a partner to plan and design our rockets so we have had to listen to each other's ideas, take turns and work as a team. Our rockets are almost ready for take off!!

Spring Term Learning.

This term some of our learning will be based around the theme of 'Space'.

We have already done some finding out and thinking and came up with some great learning questions which are in our classroom.


We have made space helmets and set up a space station in our role play area.


We have found out about the planets in the solar system and drawn them.


 Christmas Party Day

We had a wonderful day - we made party hats, ate lots of delicious food and had a very special visitor in the afternoon!!


 Reception all enjoyed the delicious Christmas lunch in the hall!!

This week we have been learning about Advent and why we celebrate Christmas. We know that Advent is the time when Christians get ready to celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas Day.  We looked at the Advent wreath and found out about the different coloured candles  and what each one represents.We have learnt who all the characters are in this very important story and we will be acting the story in our Nativity play with Year 1 and Year 2.


  We have been voting  in Reception and the name we have chosen for the guinea pig baby  is... Shimmer 


 We started this week listening to this story. This week we have set up a pet shop outside and have been busy writing labels for the animals on sale as well as exploring  and using money to buy the different pets.

Meet our guinea pigs.


We are delighted to be able to introduce our school pets. We have guinea pigs in the hutch that you might have noticed in the Reception garden. They arrived today and we have been finding out how to look after them. We were all able to have a cuddle with them too. The Mummy is called Glitter and we will be deciding on the baby's name very soon. 



We had thought very hard this week about what we would need to ask the vet when she came to visit and thought about some questions for her.



The guinea pigs love snuggling under the hay.

Getting the hutch ready for the guinea pigs.

                                 Children in Need Spotacular!!

Today we came to school in our spotty clothes to help raise money for Children in Need.


We had lots of fun and made spotty cakes to share with our Year 5 reading buddies.


Run, run as fast as you can...

We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have drawn story maps to help us tell the story and we have used small world characters to tell the story too. The Gingerbread Man wrote to us and told us that he could run so we wrote him letters telling him our names and what we can do. We had just finished writing to him when he sent us a card asking for our help!! He told us he was fed up with the fox eating him and he wondered if we could think of any other ways he could cross the stream. We discussed our ideas with a partner and came  up with some very interesting suggestions..  " he could go on a bridge", " he could go in a boat", " he could ride on a turtle" , " he could find a big leaf and float across on it".                  

We used some of our construction toys and also some natural materials to make boats for gingerbread men.