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Gallery of Work and Photos

In Geography, we've been finding out about what causes a volcanic eruption! We made these amazing dioramas to show the sequence of events. 

In Science this week, we investigation chemical reactions. We mixed different liquids with bicarbonate of soda after seeing how it reacted with vinegar last week! The reaction between ketchup was amazing and really surprised up! The greatest eruption was when we mixed it with lemon juice! 

Look at our amazing volcanoes! As we are learning all about volcanoes this half term, we decided to make some paper mache models, ready to erupt! In Science, we have planned an investigation (after observing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda react!) into what liquids would react with bicarbonate of soda. Next week, each volcano will hold a different liquid and we will observe which erupt highest! 

In Art, we have been looking at shadows and how we can make a 2D image look 3D. We began by sketching crisps and their shadows before adding paint to our work. 

Solubility in Science! 

We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to use microcontrollers in computing. Crumbles (the microcontroller) work by attaching components like LEDs, buttons, and motors to the Crumble using crocodile leads, and you can program your Crumble using free software.

In English lessons, we have been creating a suspense narrative based on the picture book 'The Water Tower' by Gary Crew. One of our objectives has been to move the story on through the use of dialogue. We used strips of paper to identify our spoken and reporting clauses before working together to add accurate punctuation. 

'A day in our school!'

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This World Book Day, we were inspired by Michael Rosen's 'Strict'. We enjoyed how he captured his audience in his performance. We created a poem about our school as a class with the aim of capturing our audience in the same way!

What an amazing day we had at Nothe Fort this week - despite the torrential rain! All dressed up as evacuees, the children experienced life in WW2 through various re-enactments. They visited a shop and learnt about rationing during 1940, a laundry and kitchen which taught us about all the jobs that evacuees had to take on and lastly, the anderson shelter which provided a sensory experience of an air-raid. We even earnt a little bit about how the war impacted Blandford!

We were all so incredibly proud of the behaviour and attitude of all the children throughout the day. Every adult that met our children complimented them hugely on their manners and their excellent, thoughtful questions.

To start this half term's history unit all about The Battle of Britain in World War 2, we began by using timelines to chronologically order events in history that we have previously learnt about in other year groups. This included WW1, The Great Fire of London, The Stone Age, The Iron Age, The Vikings, The Anglo-Saxons, Th Maya and our new unit, WW2. 

Over the next two weeks, we are learning more about punctuating speech accurately. We are using the McDonalds Christmas advert from 2020 to inspire our writing. The children have been very reflective about channelling their inner (younger) child this Christmas! 

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Some fabulous maps of Kensuke's Kingdom!

Year 5 have worked so hard to fill their 'pom pom jar' so today we had a class treat! Thank you to Mrs Dolman for the delicious cake!

We created a 'conscience alley' in Guided Reading. Half the class were convincing Michael to write a letter to his parents, explaining where he is and the other half were convincing Michael that he shouldn't. We decided that his conscience would convince him not to write the letter as Kensuke would be lonely if he left the island.

We turned into 'Fire Incident Investigators' with a visit from Dorset Fire Service.

Our Geography trip to The River Stour

Complex sentences in English.

Working in teams to order images of the River Axe from source to mouth.