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Blandford St Mary

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Geography at Blandford St Mary CE Primary School                                          


Curriculum Intent Statement


At Blandford St Mary CE Primary School, we aim to provide a high-quality geography education that sparks curiosity about the world, addressing contemporary challenges like climate change and food security. Our approach empowers pupils to see geography as relevant and personally significant, fostering a passion for learning and preparing them to engage with global issues.


Curriculum Implementation Statement


We approach geography as a distinct subject, emphasising its unique character and significance. While we make meaningful connections to other curriculum areas, we prioritise presenting geography as a discipline in its own right. Our curriculum planning reflects this perspective, meticulously weaving fundamental concepts of geographical thinking into the fabric of our lessons. To ensure progressive learning, we teach the skills required to be a geographer in a systematic manner. Concepts are built upon, and learning is revisited, allowing children's locational knowledge to develop year on year. Our geography curriculum is structured in a way where teachers clearly outline learning objectives that build on prior knowledge.


Recognising the importance of fieldwork as a statutory part of the national curriculum, we incorporate it regularly into our geography lessons. Fieldwork provides first-hand experiences for our children, allowing them to engage with the outside world, manage risks, navigate real landscapes, and gather data for genuine purposes.


Key threads, such as My Place in the World, Sustainability, and Connectivity, are carefully woven through our units. The cohesiveness of our curriculum provides children with a comprehensive and interconnected understanding of geography. Through these intentional practices, we aim to instil in our children a genuine appreciation for geography and its relevance in understanding the world around them.


Curriculum Impact Statement


The impact of our geography curriculum at Blandford St Mary Primary School is evident in the quality of work showcased in children's books. Each unit is accompanied by comprehensive overviews that articulate the learning objectives and the subsequent steps in the learning journey.


In our commitment to continuous improvement, we ensure a clear understanding of the progress made by each child.


Through these deliberate strategies, our geography curriculum not only promotes a comprehensive understanding of geographical concepts but also fosters a dynamic and responsive learning environment, which enables a deepening mastery of geographical knowledge among our children.